UK: Social Workers Allowed Pakis to Rape Retarded Autistic Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

How quintessentially British.

And I mean that unironically.

The Telegraph:

Social workers have defended their handling of a case in which a young woman with autism was allowed to have sex with several men despite not always being aware of the potential dangers.

There were fears the woman, who has severe learning disabilities and an IQ of 52, was repeatedly exploited during a two-month trial period this summer in which random men were permitted to visit her Manchester home between 10am and 4pm each day.

She was also taken to shisha bars and on numerous occasions had sex in public, including in a taxi and at the back of a bowling alley, because the carers paid by Manchester City Council to look after her would not intervene.

The arrangement only came to an end last month when Manchester City Council returned to the Court of Protection to alter the terms of her care plan.

Court papers obtained by The Times newspaper state that “significant concerns arose that [she] had been subjected to sexual activity with men, particularly Asian men”. This included “sexual violations and rapes” while she was still a child.

When she became a teenager, she developed an “obsessional interest” in men, particularly “from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds”.