UK: Schools are Actively Turning Children Into Trannies Without Parental Consent

When we say “schools are tranny indoctrination centers” we’re not exaggerating or being hyperbolic. Schools are very literally tranny indoctrination centers.

That is to say: the goal of the school’s administrators is to make as many children into trannies as possible.

They are also going big on female-to-male “transitions.” These can probably be called “f-to-m trannies.” Whatever you call them, there are a lot of them, as apparently little girls view it as a way to gain power. This is especially going to be true for ones who have not yet realized their natural sex powers.

Daily Mail:

Schools are increasingly sanctioning the use of male names for girls as young as 13 without the consent of their parents.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has found three mothers discovered schools had allowed their daughters to be called by boys’ names without first being consulted.

Campaigners say some in the education sector are misinterpreting – or even misusing – equality regulations.

The mothers, who each spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their children, say that their daughters, who are all under the age of 16, were given boys’ names by teachers after saying that they identified as male.

The ‘new’ names were used in the classroom, and on pupil registers and official communications from school authorities.

One claims to have been told by her daughter’s secondary school when she objected that she had ‘no say’ in the 13-year-old’s decision because it was the ‘child’s right’ to decide their gender.

Describing the experience two years ago, the woman, who is in her 50s and from Scotland, said: ‘The school only phoned us to tell us it was happening and we had no say. They just said it’s the child’s right and you have to follow that.’

She said the school changed her daughter’s name and pronouns on the school’s internal IT records as well as using her new gender identity in letters sent home.

She says that her requests to reinstate the original name on school documents were initially ‘ignored’, adding: ‘It took me a year and three months to get the school to change her records back to her legal name, although they were still calling her by her preferred name.’

Another mother, who is in her 40s and from the South of England, received a call from her daughter’s teacher last October.

‘Just to let you know I’ve had your daughter contact their tutor and they’ve identified as being male,’ the teacher told her. ‘So they’ve asked for a new name and pronouns and I just thought I’d let you know that’s going ahead.’

The woman said her 13-year-old daughter had told her: ‘I’ll get bullied for being a girl but I won’t get bullied for being trans.’

Yes, because “trans” people are protected by the school. No one can say anything to them, or they will be destroyed – and that includes other schoolchildren joking around.

You see: this is literally incentivized. They are using every conceivable carrot and stick to get as many children as possible to go tranny.

It is really impossible to imagine anything sicker than this child tranny agenda. These kids’ lives are completely destroyed. Once they get them on the shots – which they rush as quickly as they can, also often without parental consent – their bodies are basically permanently destroyed. Once your endocrine system is out of whack, it doesn’t really ever go back.

Even if the kids somehow straighten out their minds – which is unlikely, after going through this kind of abuse – their bodies will be permanently deformed. The psychological scars will no doubt be even deeper.

Both boys and girls, having received the hormone treatment, are likely to be sterile.

Expecting children to make this kind of life changing decision under any circumstances is cruel and bizarre. These children are not allowed to get into movies where they say the f-word, and yet they’re being told that it is their job to “choose” their gender – and they will be rewarded if they “choose” to go tranny.

To be perfectly clear: this thing in schools has gone way, way beyond simply creating a “safe environment” for children who have been turned into trannies by their mothers. It is instead actively, aggressively encouraging this, constantly, even against the will of the parents. This is not just happening in the UK, it is happening in America and Australia (and probably to a lesser extent, everywhere else in the West).

What’s more: the underlying metaphysics of this are completely nonsensical. These people pushing trannies obviously don’t believe in God. So how did the person get into the wrong body? What is the process through which a “soul” is accidentally born into the wrong body? You would think that surely someone at least has a theory on that – but you would be wrong. There has been no attempt to explain the metaphysics of trannyism. It’s just been unilaterally declared as a definitive metaphysical phenomenon that doesn’t need any explanation.

This is actually worse than any voodoo. In various mystical pagan religions, there was at least an explanation as to how the gods were causing things to happen. The media and government are not claiming there is a “jokester god” who thinks it’s funny to put souls in the wrong bodies. They’re giving absolutely zero explanation for the process by which this soul accident takes place.

Furthermore: this is worse than human sacrifice. In human sacrifice, you kill a person. In trannyism, you kill a person’s soul, and then force them to live on, until they eventually commit suicide. You are creating endless human suffering with the tranny agenda.

If you question any of this, they will at first try to silence you, and then eventually say that you’re just being mean, and trannies aren’t hurting anyone. Well, they hurt themselves, they hurt society, and these state-run schools are not saying “tolerate” – they are actively attempting to max out the numbers.

Why are schools doing this? 

Well, the only explanation is that they want to hurt children. They want to create chaos in society. They want to disrupt everything, and make it impossible for anything to ever go back to normal.

This is obviously a Jewish agenda, being enforced by white women – like the coronavirus hoax, the mass immigrant replacement agenda, and every single other horrible nightmare.

I hate to have to do this, but it has to be done: