UK: Schoolchildren to be Taught How to Treat Knife Wounds Because Everyone is Getting Stabbed

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

The United Kingdom continues to give new meaning to the phrase “diversity is our strength.” Knowing how to treat knife wounds is definitely useful, so you can’t argue it’s not a strength, and they’re learning how to treat knife wounds because thanks to diversity, everyone’s getting stabbed.

Diversity is truly their strength.

Daily Mail:

School pupils are learning how to treat stab wounds amid a surge in violent crime in Britain.

Children are taught first aid and how to speak to emergency services following a stabbing in lessons arranged by charity StreetDoctors.

In sessions lasting up to an hour and a half the pupils use visual props to explain the science behind blood loss and how to apply pressure to a wound, the charity says. 

Youngsters also take part in role play scenarios to prepare for a crisis, amid an ongoing political battle over the causes of rising violent crime. 

The charity says on its website that it aims to ‘change the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid’ in vulnerable areas.

It also teaches young people how to treat unconscious people by putting them in the recovery position and delivering chest compressions if they have stopped breathing.

Knife crime has returned to the political spotlight this week after two 17-year-olds, Yousef Makki and Jodie Chesney, were stabbed to death in less than 24 hours.

There were 285 fatal stabbings in England and Wales in the year ending in March 2018, the highest figure since records began in 1946. 

There have already been 10 teenagers knifed to death since the start of 2019.

Theresa May has faced a backlash over her claim that there was no direct link with cuts in police numbers.

The PM was branded ‘delusional’ after denying a connection between violent crime and cuts to police numbers dating back to when she was Home Secretary.

Theresa May is right though, there is no direct link between cuts in police numbers and the huge number of fatal stabbings now compared to the past.

But there is a direct link between diversity and stabbings.

Increasing diversity increases stabbings.

For some reason, the diverse-skinned really love knives, machetes, and all kinds of blades.

British people should adapt to current times, which means going back to carrying swords — scabbards and all — medieval style.

Some of them are already doing that.

Teaching kids how to treat stab wounds is okay, but they should also teach kids how to fight with swords. Kids deserve the full-package. They should get the complete Medieval Experience, not just the worst parts of it.

Come on, don’t tell me a part of you doesn’t want that. You’d love to carry your Crusader sword around and settle diversity conflicts right there on the street. Old school. You could even have duels and end your opponents rightly by throwing your sword’s pommel at them. It would be a blast.

I think that’s where Theresa May is going with the cuts to the police force and stuff. She wants people to start carrying big-ass swords to defend themselves.

Frankly, that’s alright. It would be like going back to our roots.

We can roll with that.