UK: School Opening Fiasco, Kids Rejected, Have Temperature-Measuring Guns Pointed at Their Heads

What if someone told you in January that kids would soon queue in line while adults point weird temperature-measuring devices at their heads in order to enter school? What if someone told you in January that physical touch between people would be banned?

What if someone told you that any of the insane things that are happening were going to happen?

Would you have believed them?

Daily Mail:

Up to two million pupils were due to return to primary school today but some were turned away because headteachers ‘weren’t ready’ for them while around half of parents have chosen to keep their children at home because of safety fears.

Up to 1,500 primary schools in England are estimated to be defying the Government’s plan to get all reception, year 1 and year 6 children back in the classroom from June 1 as teachers admitted they were ‘anxious’ to work and unions demanded the date be pushed back to June 15 at the earliest.

Parents have revealed that many schools will remain closed for at least another week or more, while some have not yet set a date at all.  In other cases schools decided they can only increase the number of places for key workers’ children, not for everyone.

At least two dozen councils, mostly run by Labour councillors, have refused to reopen their schools or left it up to headteachers, who are trying to find ways to ensure social distancing in their school buildings and ensuring they have enough teachers to teach ‘bubbles’ of up to ten children.

But while hundreds of thousands of young students are back in class and reunited with their friends and teachers today, MailOnline can reveal there was confusion at several schools in London with some parents arriving with their children only to be informed they couldn’t come in and had to go home again.

Parents at Winsor Primary School in east London were turned away today and told teachers are still making arrangements.

A Havelock Primary official told MailOnline that the school is now not scheduled to reopen until June 15 at the very earliest. He added: ‘Some parents were under the impression that we were opening on June 1. We’re very sorry for any confusion that’s been caused, and parents will be notified as soon as possible.’

A government source denied that the situation was ‘chaos’, insisting the process of returning appeared to be going well. ‘Many schools are welcoming back more pupils, take-up is in line with expectations,’ the source said. ‘We always said schools would begin the wider reopening from this week, it’ll be a gradual process.’

The government thinks that the process is going well.

How lovely.

Looks perfectly fine, doesn’t it?

Even if schools start welcoming students again, it will be a totally different experience. Kids will be forced to stay meters away from their friends, and those who refuse to comply will be punished.

The government says that this is to keep people safe from the coronavirus, but kids are literally the least likely to suffer any kind of complication from it. If kids got infected, they’d build immunity, and the government opposes the idea that there are ways to respond to viruses that don’t involve locking everyone up and forced vaccinations.

Coronavirus is no more threatening than the flu, and we know that cases of the virus decrease after lifting the lockdown — but the government is still pretending that coronavirus is enough of an excuse to do all of these lunatic things that they’re doing because this was their goal all along.