UK: School Makes Toilets “Gender Neutral,” Doesn’t Even Bother Telling the Parents

Daily Stormer
January 15, 2020

Starting a petition against anything politically correct is some seriously hardcore neo-Nazism by British standards.

Daily Star:

Furious parents have launched a petition to get rid of a school’s gender neutral toilets

They alleged they weren’t told about the new bathrooms at New College in Leicester.

The secondary school introduced them at the start of the new term to meet “the needs of all students”.

You mean meet the needs of a couple of mentally ill freaks whose mothers are psychologically torturing them to virtue signal.

Claire Harmer’s daughter Ellie-May is a Year 11 pupil at New College.

The 35-year-old, who set up the petition, said that “anything could happen” in the toilets.

She said: “It’s how the school has gone about it which has really frustrated me.

“They had not informed anyone of these changes, and it wasn’t until the kids went back that they discovered them.

“I feel as though they are being pushed together in these toilets and anything could happen to the girls and boys.”

Mum Claire argued that puberty is already a tough time for teen girls, without having to share toilets.

“Girls’ bodies are changing all the time and they need privacy,” she said.

“What about when they are on their periods, they shouldn’t be worrying if there is a lad in the toilet next to them.”

Notice how at no point does anyone actually care if it might be bad for the boys too.

When you get diarrhea, and your crush is in the next stall 

Which is actually a normal thing, kinda, since girls are physically and mentally inferior to boys, and so it’s a natural instinct to be worried about them more, even though that’s not a very feminist thing to say…

Mandy Smith has two teenagers studying at New College, and two other tots who will attend when they are older.

The 36-year-old claimed: “I’m well aware that most pupils at the school are unhappy about this.

“I don’t think this should be forced on our young people, and believe it’s a dangerous situation.

“We bring up our young females up to be cautious and not to put themselves in dangerous situations, and now they are being told it’s OK to share with males.”

Mandy asked: “Does this mean that the changing rooms will also become gender neutral?

“I think kids that age are already confused about life and sexuality, and this is just adding to their worries.”

Well, maybe if you did something more than signing an online petition, stuff like this wouldn’t be happening.

Instead, you’re gonna send your other kids to this same school…

New College explained that not all toilets have become unisex.

A school spokesman said: “After an amazing couple of years, New College Leicester has become really popular.

“We have an increased number of students on roll and we are well over-subscribed for first-choice places in September this year, as well as having a waiting list for all current year groups.

“Because of this and to ensure that we meet the needs of all students, we have re-designated a few of our toilets to be unisex or gender neutral in order to cope with the large number of extra students.

“However, there are still gender-specific toilets available for all students.”

Guidance from the LGBT charity Stonewall says having unisex toilets helps be inclusive to transgender pupils.

A spokesman commented: “Having facilities that everyone can use is sensible, so all staff and students are able to go about their daily lives, whoever they are.”

They’re doing it gradually, like they’ve done everything so far.

But one day, all of them will have these facilities.

And that, too, will not be enough, but merely a sign that “more needs to be done.”

And all you’ll do about it is sign an online petition…

Why can’t you at least stage a protest like these vermin?