UK Saves Diversity: 25 Jamaican Criminals Won’t be Deported Because of Bad Cell Phone Reception

Daily Stormer
February 16, 2020

Will you be shocked if I tell you this is a Jew?

I can’t decide what the thing I hate kikes for the most is, but giving “human rights” to creatures that aren’t human would probably make the podium.


Dozens of Jamaican criminals whose deportation was blocked by judges at the last minute included a knife killer and a rapist, prompting anger from government figures tired of the “farce” of judicial review.

There was something of a controversy surrounding the charter flight, which originally involved up to fifty serious criminals, because the migrants involved came to Britain in their youth — although the general public seemed markedly less concerned about it than left-liberal politicians and members of the establishment media.

In the end, only 17 criminals were successfully deported, after the Court of Appeal decided that a three-day mobile phone mast outage meant that another 25 did not have adequate access to legal advice on their cases.

The 25 rescued criminals, who may now have to be released on bail while the Government seeks to rectify the situation, included Fitzroy Daley, who stabbed a man to death outside a pub in London, and Fabian Henry, who “raped a teenage girl in Bristol and groomed and abducted another”, according to The Times.

How the hell is this even a real country?

If I read a novel about the stuff that actually happens in Britain on a daily basis, I’d probably throw it in the trash halfway because of how unrealistic it would seem.

Then I’d go to the store I bought it from and punch the clerk in the face.

Oh, and it gets even better.

The Government is said to be deeply unhappy with the judges’ eleventh-hour interference in the deportations, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s much-maligned chief adviser Dominic Cummings remarking that “urgent action on the farce that judicial review has become” is required.

Johnson’s administration has indicated that it intends to curb judges’ relatively new powers to interfere with political decisions, having already lost a great deal of patience with the Tony Blair created Supreme Court of the United Kingdom for its repeated interventions on Brexit.

On February 13th Johnson appointed Suella Braverman as the Government’s new Attorney-General in a government reshuffle, who wrote an article in late January warning that Brexit would involve “taking back control” not just from unelected foreign officials but from unelected judges as well.

The judiciary, she suggested, has “stretched beyond recognition” the concept of “human rights” in order to increase their own power — and that this would have to change.

Yes, this supposedly right-wing, supposedly racist, supposedly conservative government just put a streetshitterette married to a Jew in charge of justice on the Isle of Cuckistan.

You’re in good hands, you hecking goyim

Remind me again – what did these people ever conserve, ever?

Anything at all?


Then what makes them “conservatives”?

More importantly – why are people still voting for them?

But even for the handful of criminals who were successfully deported to Jamaica, media giants like the publicly-funded BBC appear to be going into overdrive to present them as victims of an injustice.

The corporation’s flagship Newsnight programme flew out correspondent James Clayton to the Caribbean country to interview some of the deportees — although not the more obviously unsympathetic ones, such as killer Daley and rapist Henry — and plastered their social media feeds with videos of them claiming to feel British, to miss their families, and to be facing hardship.

One such clip shows one Rupert Smith complaining that he feels “numb”, “hurt”, and “wounded” by his experience. It does not go into details about the crime(s) he was convicted for, although reports elsewhere indicate he launched a brutal attack on someone with a metal wrench.

Similarly, Rayan Crawford is presented as a “registered disabled” man deported to Jamaica “after being convicted for burglarly”.

However, in a report on its website the BBC admits Crawford was in fact “convicted 10 times for a total of 22 offences, including the burglary.”

I am absolutely shocked that the Jew-controlled media is doing what it’s always done, and what it’ll always do.

I am also shocked that the capital of Cuckdom even deported just a couple of them.

But whether they’re criminals or not shouldn’t matter; the only thing that should matter is that they’re non-White.

And none of them belong in Europe.

Was it worth it?