UK: Sage Says to Increase the Number of Coronavirus Symptoms to Increase the Number of Cases

If you expand the list of symptoms, you expand the number of cases.

Is the coronavirus a specific virus, or is it a series of potential symptoms?

That has been a looming question since the beginning of this “pandemic” hoax, and it has yet to be answered.

Indications are that the supposed tests are completely worthless, so the virus is identified by an ever-expanding list of potential symptoms. At this point, any form of illness, including cancer and heart attacks, probably also most brain tumors, can be identified as “coronavirus.”

The Guardian:

Senior scientists have called for the UK to expand its official list of Covid symptoms to reduce the number of missed cases and ensure more people know they should self-isolate.

The researchers, who include Prof Calum Semple, a member of the government’s Sage committee of experts, argue the UK’s narrow clinical definition of Covid leads to delays in identifying people with the disease and may miss them altogether, hampering efforts to disrupt the spread of the virus.

(As we’ve explained many times, “Sage” is mostly made up of psychologists who were tasked with hyping up fear of the virus. Part of that was maximizing the number of cases and deaths.)

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Semple, of the University of Liverpool, along with Dr Alex Crozier at UCL and others describe how Covid patients do not always experience the official UK symptoms of a high fever, a new continuous cough, or a loss of sense of smell or taste early on, or at any time in the course of the disease.

“To reopen society with greater speed and fairness, control of transmission must improve,” they write. “This starts with an expanded and more context appropriate case definition and rests on adaptive, locally grounded, and information-led public health responses.”

While the UK lists only three symptoms for Covid, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists 11 and the World Health Organization lists 13. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control describe a range of symptoms associated with mild-to-moderate Covid-19, the most common being headache, weakness or tiredness, muscle aches, runny nose, appetite loss and sore throat.

Many of these “unofficial” symptoms appear sooner and are more common in young, unvaccinated people who are more likely to pass on the virus, the scientists note.

The researchers concede that expanding the number of symptoms people should look for before taking a test is likely to increase demand for testing and the number who self-isolate. But testing people based on a broader combination of symptoms could spot more cases sooner without putting an unbearable strain on testing capacity, they claim.

Semple apparently is a physician, but of course, Sage would put out a physician to publish something like this. The plan would have been constructed by their psychologists.

Semple is a shady bugperson who looks like a psychologist.

If you want to understand more about the way the Sage system worked, and the way they hyped up this fear, there is a woman who has pulled a bunch of documents and done a bunch of interviews for a book called “A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic” (Amazon link where you can get ISBN and details even if you don’t want to buy from them).

Using all official sources, she fully documents the fact that the UK government, via Sage, purposefully hyped up fear and panic among the population in order to “encourage compliance.” Basically, their narrative was that the virus was really dangerous, but people weren’t being effected by it so they didn’t believe it was dangerous, so in order to make them believe it was dangerous, they had to create a sense of fear among the public. Sage worked directly with the BBC and the rest of the media to hype up fear.

It’s truly an amazing story, and when you look at the documentation she provides, it’s just obvious that the same exact process happened in America – it’s just that in America, the government wouldn’t give you these documents like the British government agreed to do.

If you don’t want to read the book, you can get a pretty good idea about the basic content from the various interviews she’s done. The one with James Delingpole is very good, and gives you the outline of the basic facts in an hour’s time (thirty minutes if you play it on double speed).

Sage is coming out with “increase the list of symptoms” because they are preparing for the next wave, which is set to come in the fall and be based around the theoretical “Delta Variant.” They will probably also claim directly that the “new variant” has symptoms that differ from the original coronavirus.

Basically, they have to get creative to get people to accept the plan, which is clearly to use the supposed new variant to reset everything back to February of 2020.

As Hoax Watch has said from the beginning: this hoax will not end as long as people are willing to tolerate it. The hoax is simply too beneficial to the elite, in every conceivable way, so they will run it as long as they can run it.

All they really need to do is run it long enough that they are able to shift into using the same restrictions on people in the name of the global warming hoax. So, they are in the process of shutting down infrastructure, and creating a system where people do not work and instead are paid an allowance by the government, while they live in tiny apartments in highrise buildings.

In the midst of this dumb chaos we’ve experienced over the last 18 months, the governments of the West have been shutting down the power supply and limiting the food supply at the same time that they force you into this electronic control grid.

We are already about halfway through the Great Reset.