UK: Sadness After Black Crack Dealer Stabbed by Arab, Because He was a Good Boy Going to School

It’s really a fun time to examine how black culture in the UK differs from black culture in America.

Basically, everything is about crack cocaine and murder, as you’d obviously expect it to be. But they add to that mopeds and knives to replace cars and guns.

It is really innovative and yet another reason to really respect blacks and their unique culture which has been spread across the world like a virus.


A boy who was “butchered” in a drugs turf war after being groomed by drug dealers had been arrested in a crack den months earlier but police did not contact child exploitation staff, a report has found.

Jaden Moodie was 14 when he was knocked off his moped and stabbed to death in east London, in January 2019.

A serious case review found chances to protect him were missed by agencies.

Ayoub Majdouline was jailed for his murder.

Three months before his death, Jaden was found with an older boy in a county lines flat in Bournemouth with 39 wraps of crack cocaine, two packets of cocaine, a mobile phone and £325 in cash.

According to the review, the appropriate adult who sat in on his police interview said he appeared to be “a vulnerable young person frightened by what he was being groomed and coerced into by others”.

He gave the impression that “he definitely wanted to find a way out of the mess he was getting into,” they said.

Following his release, two Dorset Police officers drove him home to London but did not involve specialist child exploitation workers.

Jaden’s school in Waltham Forest was not told about the arrest but excluded him for a separate incident.

At the time of his death Jaden was living with his grandmother in Leyton.

His mother, Jada Bailey, had been sleeping on friends’ sofas while she waited to be rehoused.

She had told housing officers she was trying to keep her son out of trouble and was keen to find somewhere for them to live in Waltham Forest, the report said.

She was allocated a flat two weeks before Jaden was stabbed to death.

The review found Ms Bailey and Jaden’s housing needs “could have been handled in a timelier manner”, especially as his vulnerability to exploitation became clear.

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Think about that next time you don’t care when a crack dealer gets stabbed to death.