UK: Royal Christmas Debased by Blood-Sucking Female African

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2017

The British Royal Christmas celebration Monday was debased by a blood-sucking African female this year, brought there by the gingerprince.

She even stuck her tounge out like an ape to mock the whites she has abused.

There is nothing more humiliating to the British people and to their ancestors than bringing this simian fiend into the Royal Family.

Africans in Africa cannot run their own mining operations and have to bring Chinamen in to do it for them – but this bitch can dig her own gold.

Basically, her entire life has been about manipulating people to get cash from them… so she is every woman, ever. But she is apparently very good at it.

A 35-year-old white divorcee pulling any type of husband at all is a serious accomplishment. But a Negress that age pulling a Prince… this is one of the greatest female accomplishments in all of history.

So even while I am disgusted on the deepest possible level of my being, I am also awed.

The runner up in the Humiliation Olympics is of course Prince William, who despite calls from the entire world has continually refused to shave his bald head and grow a goatee.

He could become the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the Royal Family and thereby bring back at least a minuscule shred of dignity to this failed nation-state.

And yet, he refuses, instead choosing to pile humiliation upon further humiliation.

There is no future for Britain until the government is overthrown and a new fascist state implemented.