UK: Retail Chains Ask for New Laws to Combat Rampant Abuse of Retail Workers

Obviously, when they created the concept of the coronavirus hoax, they knew their lunatic anti-social response to it was going to lead to widespread anti-social behavior.

Just masks alone make people aggressive and belligerent, because you can’t see someone’s mouth. If a stranger looks at you without smiling, your brain registers it as menacing. People seemed to get that early on and simply stopped making eye contact, which creates a whole other level of depersonalization and dehumanization.

But of course, these results are shocking to the gang of psychologists that planned the whole thing.


One hundred of the UK’s most popular retail chains have asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to support legislation aimed at combating violence and abuse against their workers, warning that the problem is only getting worse.

Executives from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, IKEA, Aldi, and other big-box stores wrote to Johnson urging him to back an amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that would tackle escalating abuse directed at retail workers. The bill is currently undergoing a review in Parliament.

The letter follows the release of a government report last week, which concluded that legislation was needed to protect shop employees from a “shocking upsurge in violence and abuse.”

Initiated by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a trade group that represents large chains, the lobbying effort implores the prime minister and the country’s political leaders to act before the problem worsens. The letter has already received support from more than two dozen MPs.

Obviously, this is absurd.

People are abusing retail workers because everyone is teetering on the edge of sanity, having been through this endless, nonsensical fear and terror hoax.

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In order to fix this situation, you would have to remove the pressure.

Instead, pressure has drastically increased as people have already gotten the vaccine and yet the government is saying that none of it will ever end.