UK: Rape “Victims” Could be Allowed to Pre-Record Video “Evidence” to Facilitate Rape Accusations

Women may soon be able to record some video of them crying or showing “evidence” that you raped them, and it will count as legit evidence in court.

There won’t be any need for any actual form of evidence.

If she says you did it, and she has video of herself crying, then you did it.

Daily Mail:

Rape victims could be allowed to pre-record their video evidence to spare them being intimidated in court by their attackers under government plans to reverse collapsing conviction rates.

A trial of new technology for rape cases at three courts is said to have been ‘positive,’ so far.

Ministers are now working with senior judges to secure a nationwide roll-out, as conviction rates reach a record low – despite an increase in complaints.

A total of 2,102 reached court in 2019-2020 – a 59 per cent decline since 2016.

This was despite reports of rape increasing by a third to 55,130. Since 2016-17, referrals from the police to the CPS have plummeted by 40 per cent.

Under the Ministry of Justice’s plans , victims could pre-record their evidence, including cross-examination, the video would then be played during a trial.

Justice minister Alex Chalk told The Telegraph: ‘Vulnerable victims show great courage by coming forward. It’s vital they can do so in the least traumatic way possible. This technology ensures they are protected and are able to give their best possible evidence, without reducing a defendant’s right to a fair trial.’

Pilots in Liverpool, Leeds and Kingston have seen video evidence recorded as soon as a suspect has been charged.

Judges and defendants will watch via video link, with the presiding justice retaining the evidence once they’re satisfied all questions have been asked.

Victims’ commissioner Dame Vera Baird said: ‘Pre-trial evidence and cross examination means that once it has been done, their role in the trial is over. They can move on with their lives and seek help to recover from any trauma.’

Conviction rates reach a record low despite an increase in complaints, and their reaction is to try to find ways to jail more men instead of asking whether women could be increasingly making stuff up after being encouraged by a huge mainstream movement.

Those ministers and judges don’t even consider the possibility that all of those non-convicted men may really be innocent and that it is okay that they weren’t convicted. Then you’re being told that you have male privilege, and that you not only oppress women but also people who have darker skin colors than yours.

And then you’re being told that you risk people’s lives by not wearing a mask.

It’s just too much insane stuff happening all at once.