UK: Psychiatrists Warn of Mental Health Crisis Among Children and Adults “Caused by Pandemic”

Would you rather get the flu or spend your life in a kind of house arrest, without ever being allowed to meet with your friends for coffee again?

The Guardian:

England is “in the grip of a mental health crisis” because of the Covid pandemic, with under-18s suffering the most, psychiatrists are to warn on Friday.

Record numbers of children and adults sought NHS help last year for problems such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, or because they ended up in a mental health crisis.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has highlighted the sharp rise in mental ill health, that began after the first lockdown in March 2020, in an analysis of NHS and Office for National Statistics data. The college said NHS services were struggling to cope with the demand.

Adrian James, the college’s president, said: “The extent of the mental health crisis is terrifying, but it will likely get a lot worse before it gets better. Services are at a very real risk of being overrun by the sheer volume of people needing help.”

People under the age of 18 have been particularly badly affected, and delays in accessing care are worsening.

Bernadka Dubicka, chair of the college’s child and adolescent faculty, blamed the situation on “the devastating effect that school closures, disrupted friendships and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, have had on the mental health of children and young people”.

Adult mental health also fared very badly during the pandemic, James said. Until March 2020 about one in 10 adults in England suffered from moderate to severe depression. But that had doubled to almost one in five by last June. Record numbers reported feeling lonely.

The people who are suffering the most from the effects of the anti-human measures of social isolation are the ones who are —according to official data— virtually unaffected by the alleged virus. It is psychological, emotional, and physical abuse. If you refuse to comply and try to exercise the rights and freedoms you had up to March 2020, men with guns force you to comply.

This unthinkable situation of deep sorrow and general human suffering is a tool that the rulers are leveraging to get as many people to agree to take the vaccine as possible, presenting vaccinations and vaccination passports as a way back to normal life.

But it is a lie.

People have complied with everything since this whole thing started, and things got progressively worse.

We remain on a downward spiral. Submission has not gotten anyone anywhere.

Vaccines, vaccination passports, and more compliance are only going to continue opening up the gates to deeper circles of hell.