UK: Professor Says Universities Run by SJW Terrorist Mob

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2015

Professor Anthony Glees
Professor Anthony Glees

“Open-minded” is a codeword for “closed-minded.”

Daily Mail:

Universities have become breeding grounds for intolerance where anyone challenging Left-wing views is ‘shouted down’, a terrorism expert claims.

Professor Anthony Glees said hard-line students and academics have become more militant in the past ten years as the internet age encourages ‘self-absorption’.

The politics lecturer said he was ‘cynically jeered at’ and branded ‘racist’ at a campus panel discussion on counter-terrorism.

The ‘threatening’ heckling at the University of London event became so bad that visiting Lib Dem MP Evan Harris was applauded when he asked the audience to be respectful.

Professor Glees said he was ‘upset’ at the ‘feeling of menace’, which showed the audience ‘had closed minds’.

He said that the new intolerance by hard-Left groups was threatening the concept of freedom of speech at university, and would end debate.

His warning comes amid concerns about the growth of so-called ‘no-platforming’ on campuses, in which controversial speakers are banned to create ‘safe spaces’ for students who might be offended by them.

Students recently campaigned to ban feminist Germaine Greer from speaking at Cardiff University because her views were considered offensive to transgender people.

On Thursday, Oxford students tried to ‘shut down’ a debate involving Miss Greer because of her view that a post-operative transgender female could not be a woman.

Miss Greer was invited to speak alongside the Mail on Sunday journalist and author Peter Hitchens, who the protesters claimed was ‘racist’.

Activists gathered outside the Oxford Union to protest against her invitation to a panel discussion on marriage. They said she should not speak at the debating society because her views ‘cause genuine damage to trans people’.

Lucy Delaney, student union vice president for women, said: ‘We should condemn the Oxford Union’s decision to invite Greer and Hitchens. These speakers’ ideas are not “contentious” – they are violent.

‘Greer’s life-long tirade against transgender people and her refusal to acknowledge their identities as valid contributes to their oppression and marginalisation.’

The Oxford Union said: ‘The Oxford Union exists to uphold freedom of speech, inviting people of all opinions.’

‘Offensive’: Sarah Keenan, a law lecturer at Birkbeck University, said it was ‘really disappointing’ that Professor Glees was invited to speak

This is the worst form of tyranny in all of history, painted-up as something vaguely related to freedom.

Feelings now reign supreme.
Feelings now reign supreme.