UK: Primary School Reveals It Will Treat Kids Like Prisoners to Keep Them Safe from Flu

How do you feel about being constantly told by multiple signs, everywhere, that you must stay away from other people?

I think that is exactly what we must be telling kids in order to save their lives.

You are also being ordered to smile.

It just feels like the right thing to do.

Daily Mail:

Primary schools have unveiled how its classrooms will look when they reopen next month in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Those including children in Kingsholm Primary School in Gloucester have shown how parents will be expected to queue as they drop-off their child into pens at the start of the day.

Measures have also been applied at St Anne’s in Sale ahead of pupils returning, with staff preparing many signs and even face masks to help children in their new surroundings.

Co-headteacher Matt Ferris of Kingsholm Primary School has explained many of the new features in response to parents’ questions over how their children will adapt to social distancing measures,

They will be given a designated time slot and and allotted area  – or pen – where they leave their child before heading off along a designated walkway.

Pupils will be told to maintain social distancing between others, and they will only be allowed to mix with a small number of others.

Students who do not conform with the social distancing rules will also be sent home on a three-strikes policy.

Kingsholm is using timeslots based on surnames, with parents being asked to drop children off alone, without siblings or other children.

Pupils will be dropped off by parents in to pens that will be sectioned with barriers as they arrive.

Later, a member of staff will take each group to their classroom. There is also a set route parents must follow through the school site, arriving and leaving by different entrances.

According to Headteacher Jan Buckland, the pens will be ‘roughly a quarter of the size of a netball court’ and the barriers will consist of ‘bollards with a bit of ceiling tape around to designate the area, some cones and things’.

At Kingsholm, markings have been placed on the ground on the way towards the toilets so that pupils know how far away to stand from one another as they queue. They’ve added that toilets will regularly be cleaned throughout the day.

Supply to their water fountains have been cut off with pupils expected to bring their own water to school, plus select sinks and toilet will not be functioning.

Breakfast and after school clubs have been cancelled. Classrooms will be more spaced apart with one pupil per table. Kingsholm say pupils will be expected to use their own equipment.

The amount of books shared will be reduced. Plus certain toys will be removed from the school to avoid cross-contamination. Mrs Buckland, head of Kingsholm, said: ‘Talking about nursery children, we cannot guarantee at all social distancing but we will encourage.

We will have adults who sit in places to steer children away from each other.’

She went on to say that pupils who do not follow socially distancing instructions on purpose will be sent home after a three strike rule has been deployed.

‘We will talk to the parents, if a child is being [non-compliant] then what we will do is phone the parents and the parents will then have to come and collect them,’ she said.

Kingsholm previously had an ‘open school’ policy where parents and guardians were allowed in to the classroom, this will no longer be permitted. The school is urging parents to check their child’s temperature each day before school.

All of the things that these schools are doing and planning to do are not going to do anything to stop the spread of viruses, but they’ll guaranteed to have a detrimental effect on kids’ minds — just like the lockdown didn’t do anything to stop the spread but ruined people’s lives.

These dumb women measuring distances as if there was a magic number guaranteed to keep kids safe are the worst though.

In a dumb virus regime of dumb government people saying dumb things about the flu, women become dumb enforcers of dumb policies.

Unless the myth of coronavirus being dangerous is destroyed, kids are going to grow up living like criminals in a penitentiary.