UK: Primary School Girls Stop Going to the Bathroom After School Makes Toilets Unisex

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

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Parents of students of a London primary school are complaining that it has introduced gender-neutral toilets without warning and now some girls are too embarrassed to use the facilities, which may potentially harm their health.

The Deanesfield Primary School in western London teaches children aged 4-11. When the summer break ended in September, parents of pupils were surprised to find that toilets at the school are now unisex. Some parents complained that their girls would rather endure a full bladder than use a facility they share with boys.

“Girls are being forced to hold themselves until they get home which could damage kidneys. My friend’s daughter has been holding herself all day because she’s so embarrassed. It’s not fair on the kids really,” one parent told MyLondon news website.

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The situation is made more difficult by the flawed design of the toilet cubicles, which don’t have floor-to-ceiling walls. This make peeing quite easily, and indeed, parents say, there have been cases of boys looking over the tops at girls on the toilet.

Mail on Sunday says the situation at Deanesfield is far from being an isolated incident. Both primary and secondary schools in the UK are being pressured by advocates of transgender rights to switch to unisex toilets. This can cause all kind of harm to girls uncomfortable with the arrangement, who may skip school, risk dehydration and take other actions to avoid the embarrassment.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, from the parent campaign group Transgender Trend, told the Mail some activists trick schools into making the switch by falsely claiming that it was demanded by equality laws.

I’m shocked it’s actually not demanded by (((equality laws))), but I’m not shocked by the fact that the people who run the schools were too stupid to check if it’s true or not.

Really, the only shocking thing you can find these days is normalcy, and Britain has less and less of it every day.

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