UK: Pregnant Woman Dies After Arab Doctor Removes Ovary Instead of Appendix

April 23, 2014

Maria De Jesus, the latest victim of the sub-standard foreign Doctors that the NHS is being forced to hire due to diversity legislation and immigrant over-population.

A pregnant U.K. woman is dead after a doctor removed the wrong organ during a routine surgery.

Maria De Jesus, 32, was admitted into the hospital in October 2011. She was 21 weeks pregnant with her fourth child and suffering from abdominal pains.

The Telegraph reports her doctor, Yahya Al-Abed, brought her into surgery to remove her appendix, but accidentally removed her ovary.

He had only been working at the hospital for three weeks and had little experience operating on pregnant women.

Yahya Al-Abed removed her ovary, instead of her appendix.

De Jesus died in London just 19 days later after having a miscarriage.

Al-Abed admits to the mistake, but says there was no misconduct. His senior consultant Dr. Coker is also in hot water.

Dr. Coker was supposed to oversee the surgery, but instead he reportedly told Al-Abed he would ‘be around during the procedure but went home during it.

The case is now going into hearings and is expected last a month.

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