UK: Poll Shows UKIP Will Triumph at Euro-Elections

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2014

Nigel Farage and UKIP are set to win at the Euro-Elections.

The most popular political parties all across Europe at the moment are the ones who oppose immigration and surrendering their country’s sovereignty to the EU.

Although UKIP are one of the weakest of those parties, they are still providing an acceptable face for people who would otherwise not support Nationalism.

A new poll shows they are in top place to win at the May European elections.

At least they realize what is most important to most people.

From the Express:

UKIP is on course to win May’s European elections, a poll showed yesterday.

It came as leader Nigel Farage said he would quit “within 12 hours” if his party failed to win any seats in next year’s general election and Labour won outright by pledging no referendum.

The party would continue without him, he insisted, adding: “New Ukip is a lot more professional, a lot more smiley, a lot less angry, and it’s going places.”

For the European Parliament, 30 per cent told ComRes they back Ukip, up three points since last May.

Labour was second with 28 per cent, up five, followed by the Tories unchanged on 21 and the Lib Dems down 10 on eight per cent. For the general election Labour was on 35 per cent, down two since last month, with the Tories unchanged on 32, Ukip up one on 16 and the Lib Dems stuck on nine.