UK: Poll Shows That Virtually No One Supports Wokeism (Only 13% Support Child Trannies)

The Daily Mail this week polled people on their support for various “woke” agendas.

“Don’t knows” were not included in the numbers, and I think it is safe to say that anyone who supports one of these agendas is going to let you know they support it.

All of those positions are supported, institutionally, by the British government, and most of them are not supported by even 1 in 5 people.

Seeing only 19% support for the trannies, and only 13% for the child trannies is truly incredible. You can get that number of people to agree to anything at all.

We here at Tranny Watch recently covered the fact that the British government is using schools to actively encourage and incentivize children into becoming trannies.

Here’s the question: where is the “democracy”???

It is abundantly clear that we are having these “woke” ideas forced on us from above by a ruling elite that either believes this stuff, wants to use it to hurt people, or both.

Aside from Jews and the tiny minority of ruling class Jewish shills, the only people who support this bizarre social transformation we are undergoing are single white women.

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The one exception would be the “institutional racism” gibberish, which is supported by Jews, single white women, and some (usually second and third generation) brown people – hence the racism theory scoring the highest on that poll, with about 1 in 3 supporting it (this is still a relatively small minority of the total population).

What the establishment is doing is using fear to force people to go along with this stuff. They also try to create the illusion of consensus. But the consensus doesn’t exist. Even after 5-6 years straight shilling all of this weird stuff, and a really solid year of ramming it down everyone’s throats, people just do not have any interest in this stuff that is so obviously anti-nature and anti-God.

The whole 2015 “Social Justice Warrior” agenda never took off, so the ruling class has simply decided to force it.

The core problem is that while there is no popular support, there is no leadership to push back against it. In Britain like in the US, the conservative party absolutely refuses to stand up for the people who vote for it, and instead continually, as a matter of course, pushes an anti-society agenda.

This is the difficult fact of life: you could have 100% of the peasants against a ruling elite agenda, and if you didn’t have any leaders, it would be meaningless. Yes, eventually peasants will riot, but they can’t change anything with a riot unless they have access to the elite and can kill them. Even if they can kill the elite, they need people from at least the upper-middle classes to help them form a new establishment, or it just turns into an absurd, violent, oppressive mess (see: French Revolution, Bolshevism).

Historically, the elite were also Christians. If there was a bad bunch of elites, some other member of the aristocracy would take up the cause of the peasants. All of the heroes of history who fought for the common man were members of the elite who fought other members of the elite to defend the people.

William Wallace, who Mel Gibson (PBUH) portrayed in Braveheart, was a member of the “lesser nobility.”

Probably more obviously, all of the Founding Fathers were rich, largely descended from noble families.

So we have a serious problem here, given that our elite have either been replaced with Jews and weird perverts, or are bought and paid for. We have no organization, at all, to push the popular agenda of the people. At this point, it is likely that anyone who did try to push the agenda of the people would simply be killed or thrown in prison on trumped-up charges.

The logical thing to do would be for the people to simply start saying “no,” and refusing to go along with the agenda. However, that too appears to be impossible without leaders, as people will say they’re going to refuse, then they will be made to feel alone, and simply acquiesce.

The hope is this: resistance to the vaccine will form a bloc of people who are willing to say “no.” The forced vaccination is the first thing that I’ve personally seen where a large number of people are willing to stand up, and I am comfortable with anti-vaxx serving as the foundation for a new movement of people willing to resist.