UK: Police Will Check Homes to Ensure People Comply with 14-Day Quarantine After Plane Arrival

Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu. “But how do we know that you’re respecting the quarantine if we don’t check on you?” is not a real concern — it’s an excuse to start pushing for more invasive and effective forms of control, like smartphone tracking apps, tracking bracelets, microchips, surveillance cameras everywhere and who knows what else.

Daily Mail:

Police are to be handed powers to perform spot checks at the homes of overseas arrivals to check they are not breaking new 14-day quarantine rules.

Ministers will today press ahead with the mandatory isolation plan for all ports and airports – despite warnings it will wreck families’ hopes of a summer getaway.

MPs will be asked to usher through laws to bolster the police’s ability to enforce the strict measures.

Beefed-up powers will allow constables to impose £1,000 fines on those who breach the order, with magistrates able to slap offenders with potentially unlimited fines if the penalties are not paid.

Officers will also be carrying out random home visits on international arrivals, who will be required to supply an address where they will be isolating when they cross the border.

Around 100 of these spot checks will be performed each day, according to the Telegraph, which also reported rumblings of rebellion among Tory backbenchers.

Watching the media and government pretend that coronavirus is a dangerous threat that they’re trying to fight, while all available data not directly produced by the government points to the contrary, is quite a strange experience. Even renowned experts not employed by the government are pointing to the contrary.

They are telling us that due to the fact that the sky is green and the grass is red, they have to have even more control over us, and they censor everyone who dares to point out that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

It’s insane.