UK: Police Threaten to Start Checking Shopping Carts to Make Sure Purchases are Allowed

“Ma’am, that light bulb is not essential. And you look like you’ve had enough cookies. Or as we say in Jolly Old England, you look like you’ve had enough biscuits, ya sow.” -The Cops

The police in the United Kingdom may soon start deciding if people are allowed to buy what they’re buying in the store.

Shopping carts with items deemed unnecessary by the police may be considered a breach of the lockdown.

Daily Mail:

Police chiefs are now only ‘a few days away’ from introducing road blocks and searching shopping trolleys as people continue to flout the coronavirus regulations.

Northamptonshire Police said the ‘three-week grace period is over’ and suggested they may even start searching trolleys at stores, but how this would work is unclear.

Police chiefs are calling for laws to ban Britons from driving long distances and flouting rules to exercise more than once a day ahead of a 77F (25C) Easter weekend.

Officers in Windermere, Cumbria, are already sending people in camper vans home, while locals in St Ives, Cornwall, blocked some roads to protect vulnerable residents.

Police have also created online forms for people to report potential breaches of the lockdown which was imposed on March 23 to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

At least five chief constables are said to be backing more stringent restrictions and clearer rules – including legislation to enforce the order to limit exercise to a one-hour period outdoors after some people flouted it to sunbathe in parks or beaches.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley said forces are ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ when it comes to policing the new rules, and he added that Government guidance on how to police the rules ‘could be even clearer’.

He added: ‘If things don’t improve, and we don’t get the compliance we would expect, then the next stage will be road blocks and it will be stopping people to ask why they are going, where they’re going.’

A Downing Street spokesman said today ‘the police have our full backing, and the public’s as well’, adding that officers should ‘engage, encourage and then enforce’.

It seems that they want to go full police state.

People won’t be allowed to feel the sun on their skin, exercise, or buy whatever they want to buy unless the government approves the activity first.

Citizens will be encouraged to report one another in order to increase the spying eyes of the state.

As long as people are afraid of the flu, governments will continue to reduce everyone’s freedoms.