UK: Police Stop Car of Man Trying to Escape from His Wife and Kids During Lockdown

Pictured: Your typical guy trying to escape a global lockdown.

Imagine if police stopped a woman fleeing from an abusive household and forced her to go back, telling her that while it’s too bad that she’s going to get the crap beaten out of her, the lockdown must be respected.

What are men supposed to do when they have nowhere to run from nagging wives who turned the kids against them?

Daily Mail:

A BMW driver on a 170-mile round trip to Cornwall on Easter Sunday told police he needed to get out of the house to escape his wife and kids amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The man was spotted by officers on the A30 near Launceston on Easter Sunday and pulled over.

When questioned about why he felt the need to break restrictions, he said he needed a break from his family.

Officers from Alliance Roads Policing, the official account for Devon and Cornwall and Dorset Roads Policing teams, tweeted about the incident and told the man his journey was not essential.

They wrote: ‘Taking your BMW out for a spin on a 170 mile round trip to have a break from the wife and three kids is also not an essential journey! 

‘The roads are much quieter but there are still people who don’t get it. ‘

They also reported a driver for driving across the county to pick up a boat – then breaking down on a hill.

Driving across the county (and then breaking down on a hill) to collect the second hand boat you just bought is not an essential journey either. Driver reported near Bodmin.’

Maybe that man wanted to sail away and leave the coronavirus madness behind.

Maybe he had a little voice in his head that said “come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.”

But the government doesn’t want people to leave the madness behind.

They want people to embrace the coronavirus hysteria because that way, people are much more likely to go along with whatever insane dystopian police state policies they come up with.

Why else would they ban people from literally just driving around in their own cars? Or sunbathing? Or taking a walk in a park? Or buying stuff for home projects?

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Much like Greta Thunberg, these people want you to panic so they can more easily push their sick agenda.