UK Police State Limits Gatherings to Six People as Lockdown Mania Takes Another Step

As the Daily Stormer said from the beginning of this nightmare, the coronavirus lockdown has nothing at all to do with public health. It’s a hoax.

What it is about is engineering society, transforming people’s lives, transforming the economy, transforming the entire concept of existence in the universe.

What that means is this: they are going to keep upping the ante. These measures are going to get more and more extreme, not less, as time goes on.

There has been very little pushback. A huge portion of the population really thinks this mild flu virus is going to kill them and they apparently also believe the government has their best interests in mind. They believe the people in power wouldn’t take all their rights and money away on purpose while citing a mass experiment in flu protection.

This week, Spain is grabbing people off the streets and throwing them in cars for not wearing masks.

They’re doing some weird new stuff this week in Britain too.


Britain’s government is banning gatherings of more than six people in England, as officials try to keep a lid on daily new coronavirus infections after a sharp spike across the U.K. that has been largely blamed on party-going young adults disregarding social distancing rules.

Downing Street said urgent action was needed after the number of daily laboratory-confirmed positive cases hit nearly 3,000 on Sunday. The figure dipped Tuesday to 2,460.

Officials said that starting Monday, the legal limit on all social gatherings in England will be reduced from the current 30 people to six. The new law applies both indoors and outdoors, including private homes, restaurants and parks. Failure to comply could result in a 100-pound ($130) fine.

Weddings, school, funerals and organized team sports are exempt, and larger gatherings will also be allowed if the household or “support bubble” is larger than six.

Government ministers and scientists took to the airways to urge Britons not to let down their guard.

“We’ve been able to relax a bit over the summer … but these latest figures really show us that much as people might like to say ‘Oh well, it’s gone away’ — this hasn’t gone away,”said Dr. Jonathan Van-Tam, the government’s deputy chief medical officer.

He said while the rise in infections is “much more marked” among people between 17 and 21, he was concerned about a “more general and creeping geographic trend” across the U.K.

People have relaxed too much,he said. “Now is the time for us to re-engage and realize that this is a continuing threat.”

Still, the U.K. is testing tens of thousands more people than it did in the early months of the pandemic. On Monday, it processed around 175,000 tests.

A local lockdown, meanwhile, went into effect Tuesday in the Welsh district of Caerphilly. Under the new restrictions, people there will not be allowed to enter or leave the area without a reasonable excuse, everyone over 11 must wear masks in shops and indoor meetings between different households are banned.

Hancock also announced new lockdown restrictions for Bolton, a city in northwest England that has the highest number of per capita coronavirus cases in the U.K. Most new cases there involve people between 18 and 49. Among the restrictions, Hancock said restaurants, cafes and pubs in Bolton now can only offer takeaway services.

Basically, they’ve run out of deaths to blame on the virus, so they’re not talking about deaths anymore. They’re just talking about alleged positive tests, which probably are not really even positive tests.

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There isn’t any logic to anything that is going on unless you consider that it is all a scam being done on purpose. Then it all makes perfect sense.

This isn’t a political thing. It’s not going to end if Trump loses the election (or is otherwise forced out of office). Governments are always looking for ways to control the masses of people, and the masses of people have made it clear that they are willing to submit to pretty much anything under the pretext of this virus. Trump might push back against it more if he wins, but all of these Democrat-run states are going to keep pushing it either way.

The agenda is bigger than Donald Trump and the election, but most people seem to think that is what it is about. This is really a part of the hoax, a hoax within a hoax, hoax inception – they know that certain people are going to figure out that the coronavirus hysteria is a total scam, but they know that these people won’t call it out, because they think it is just being used as a weapon against Trump.

That is to say: a person with influence might figure out this is a hoax. Probably, anyone who is not a beta male fag or a hysterical woman has already figured that out. Obviously, if you figure out this is a hoax, your mind immediately goes to very dark objectives being implemented. However, these people will then say: “oh well, it must be that the objective is just to thwart Trump, because surely Bill Gates and the rest of the ruling elite are not rolling out an entirely new model of society, where there is nothing but the ultra-rich and a mass poverty class being brutally ruled over…”

Things are never going back to normal.

The best we can hope for at this point is that when women get computer chips implanted in their brains, it helps them to regulate their hormones, so the brutal cyborg lady cops herding drug addicts like rats through the wreckage of burned out cities look sexy.