UK: Police Release Demonic Faces of the Mob Destroying the Edward Colston Statue

Look at their faces. It’s mostly a white mob, full of estrogen and with virtually no testosterone, full of a supernatural hate towards beauty and creation and a drive to destroy everything around them.

These are the same people that ask for infinity foreigners, they’re the same people whose entire worldview is based on the idea that white civilization is a mistake, and they’re the same people who blame white people for their beloved noble savages acting like savages instead of how Hollywood told them people of color behave.

It is pure suicidal lunacy, and we cannot allow it to continue.

Daily Mail:

Police have released images of 15 individuals they want to speak to in relation to the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol by Black Lives Matter protestors.

The statue commemorating the 17th century merchant was dramatically pulled from its plinth by protestors at 2.30pm on June 7 after being attacked and vandalised with graffiti.

Demonstrators then pushed the monument into Bristol Harbour near the city centre, with Avon and Somerset police launching a criminal investigation following the incident after the force’s officers chose not to intervene during the incident.

Detective Superintendent Liz Hughes called for the public to help police identify the CCTV images, saying: ‘We’ve made a small handful of identifications and we’ve spoken to some of those individuals.’

‘They will be coming in for voluntary interviews in the coming days.

‘However, despite every effort being made to identify the remaining people we’d like to talk to, we still don’t know who they are which is why we’re now releasing images of them in the hope the public can help.

‘Some of the images are not as clear as we’d like, and some of those we want to identify are wearing masks but we’re confident someone will know them and be able to provide us with their name.’

Yeah, they just spoke to the individuals, and they’re just going to do “voluntary interviews” because they don’t plan to punish them in any way.

If the police wanted to prevent statues from being destroyed, they’d just protect the statues.

This is just a facade, an attempt to prevent people from realizing that the old laws, the written laws, have been deprecated in favor of the unwritten, uncertain new laws that are in a constant state of flux in order to prevent people from knowing exactly what the rules of the game are, and that can be whatever the media wants them to be, at any time, and for whatever reason.