UK: Police Officers Drag Passenger Off Train for Not Wearing Coronavirus Mask

Police in the United Kingdom are now openly dragging people off trains for refusing to wear a coronavirus mask, alleging that they may be “spreading.”

Daily Mail:

Police officers were filmed dragging a passenger off a busy London train after he was repeatedly asked to wear a face mask.

Footage believed to have been taken on a London Overground train yesterday starts with a British Transport Police officer ordering the young passenger to wear a face mask, or risk being kicked off.

When the officer initially warns him, the passenger replies: ‘You’ll have to drag me off, man. What’s mandem doing?’

When a mask is eventually passed to the passenger, who appears to be in a group, the officer tells them: ‘Put it on, keep it on stop giving me the backchat, and all of you spread out. You’re not meant to be in a group this big.’

As the passenger tries to put the mask on, the officer steps forward and says: ‘Stop trying to front me out my friend, this is not going to end well for you.’

After donning the mask, the passenger complains loudly about the police officer: ‘I saw this man staring at us! This guy!’

The policeman responds: ‘Yeah because we have 45,000 people who have died of this disease, my friend’.

In another clip, the cop tells the passenger that the other commuters on the packed train think that he is being an ‘idiot’ for not wearing a mask and arguing about it.

The passenger is then heard calling the cop a ‘p********’. This enrages the police officer who forcibly pushes the passenger through the crowds of people and kicks him off the train.

There is a huge commotion and arguing between the cops and the passengers as they are evacuated off the train.

The clip emerged on social media yesterday and has divided online users – with some defending the policeman’s action whilst others have supported the quarrelsome passenger.

If they’re doing this now with the coronavirus face masks, one can only imagine what they’ll do to people who refuse the coronavirus vaccine. It is possible that anyone not vaccinated will be banned from normal life, similar to how people have been banned from social media and most of the internet for eloquently disagreeing with the official media narrative on things.

Similar instances of police attacking people who refuse to wear a mask have happened in France and Spain.

They are treating people like terrorists for not going along with the hoax.