UK: Police Hunt 17th Century Plague Doctor Sighted Around Suburb

Authorities tell us that there’s a very dangerous pandemic — a plague — all around us, and, at the same time, that dressing for the plague is not okay.

Daily Mail:

Police are looking for someone who has been going for their daily walks while dressed as a 17th century plague doctor during the coronavirus lockdown.

People in Norwich have spotted the person wearing a long black cloak, hat and pointed beak-like mask.

Many people in the community are worried the outfit will frighten children and have reported the plague doctor to the police.

Jade Gosbell, who saw the walker, said: ‘It was like 20 degrees, he was wearing a full black suit, it just looked ridiculous.’

‘It’s clearly for attention or something like that, because normal people just wouldn’t do that.’

Norfolk is not the only area that has reported these sightings.

MailOnline reader Cecile Poupard sent this picture of a similarly-clad individual in Crouch End in north London taken last Thursday.

I’d rather trust a plague doctor mask than one of those homemade face masks that people use.

Back then doctors actually knew their stuff.

Now most of them spend their days mumbling incoherently about flattening curves in-between their dancing sessions.

Besides, how would you, personally, feel safer?

With one of these?

Or with the full protection of a proper plague doctor suit?

If this virus were as dangerous as they say it is (it is not), then governments should have forced people to wear plague doctor suits in order to leave their homes instead of doing the weird prison city “lockdown” experiment thing that they’re doing now, where they didn’t even tell people to wear face masks until recently.