UK: Police Chief Tells Officers to Stop Playing Around in TikTok Videos

Healthcare workers and police officers are so happy that they’re getting paid for doing literally nothing all day that they’ve been recording themselves dancing and playing around to show everyone how despite having no stuff to do during their workday, they’re still getting paid.

But one police chief has realized that in order to keep people from rioting, the authorities need good optics.

Daily Mail:

Police officers are putting videos of themselves singing and dancing online despite being warned that it sends the wrong message as Britain battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Dozens of officers are filming themselves performing the latest dance crazes and lip-syncing to pop songs on social media, including choreographed routines with colleagues, while wearing full uniform or on duty in stations.

More videos are being posted every day on the popular app TikTok, even though chiefs have warned them it is inappropriate when Britain is in the grip of the deadly Covid-19 outbreak.

Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, the national lead for digital engagement, has warned forces about the trend. He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘From a National Police Chiefs Council point of view, we’ve been very clear, particularly through Covid, that we’re not encouraging people to take part in dancing, rapping TikTok challenges.’

Chief Constable Andy Cooke, of Merseyside Police, said his officers could even face misconduct investigations over the videos.

He said: ‘We have reminded all officers and staff that such behaviour is wholly unprofessional and will not tolerated by the force.

‘As a force, Merseyside Police holds clear policies about standards of behaviour, including the inappropriate use of social media, and anything which breaches these standards would be subject to potential disciplinary proceedings.

‘This is a challenging time for policing. Above all else, we are here to support the NHS and keep policing our communities, many of whom would be rightly appalled to see police officers failing to show respect for the uniform they wear.

‘We simply don’t want anything to detract from the outstanding work our officers and staff are putting in at the moment.’

It is understood that Home Secretary Priti Patel takes a ‘dim view’ of the antics, which also risk angering the thousands of members of the public who have been fined by police for socialising during the lockdown. A friend of the Home Secretary said: ‘She is not amused, put it that way.’

There is no rational explanation why healthcare workers and police officers are filming themselves playing around during what’s supposed to be a scary pandemic.

Aren’t they supposed to be busy attending to all of the people infected, helping around, or making themselves useful?

Some have said that these doctors, nurses, and police officers often record these videos during their breaks. Okay, well. Have you ever worked a job where you feel like dancing around like a faggot on your break? People who work real jobs tend to use their breaks for cigarettes, snacks, sitting down and maybe even resting their eyes.

And these cops are not working any standard job, according to the Jews – they’re battling with death itself, going mano a mano with the deadliest of plagues.

Shouldn’t they be too tired from all of their work during this very real, very deadly, very serious pandemic?

Because, you know, this is supposed to be a terrible crisis.

People will literally die if you go outside.

Can you imagine knowing that people are dying all around you, it’s your job to prevent more from dying, and going on the internet and dancing around like a retard?

It’s no wonder the cops refuse to arrest TikTok nurses. They’re co-conspirators.