UK: Piers Corbyn Arrested for Comparing Coronavirus Vaccination Program to Holocaust

If you compare the Virus Regime to the alleged oppression of Jews, the Virus Regime is going to show you how wrong you are by oppressing you like a Jew.

Piers Corbyn is the brother of Jeremy Corbyn, and has been active in various conspiracy theory movements for decades.

Daily Mail:

Piers Corbyn has been arrested over leaflets comparing Britain’s vaccination programme to Auschwitz.

Police said the Covid-19 conspiracy theorist, 73, was detained for ‘malicious communications and public nuisance‘.

Pictured: Piers Corbyn (left)

The brother of former Labour leader Jeremy came up with the ‘concept’ for a pamphlet which features a cartoon drawing of the Nazi death camp.

Above the gates leading into Auschwitz – where 1.2million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust – a sign reads ‘vaccines are safe path to freedom’.

Below is an Evening Standard article with the same headline and a caption reading: ‘This cynical newspaper headline is in the tradition of the Nazi slogan ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (work sets you free) whereas in reality, the truth is the opposite.’

Corbyn is credited for the ‘concept’ and Alexander Heaton – who was charged with breaking restrictions during protests in May – for the drawing.

Police said: ‘A 73-year-old man was arrested in Southwark on Wednesday, 3 February on suspicion of malicious communications and public nuisance.

‘A 37-year-old man was arrested earlier the same day in Bow, east London, on suspicion of a public order offence.

‘Both men were taken to a south London police station. They have since been bailed to return on a date in early March.

‘The leaflet contained material that appeared to compare the Covid-19 vaccination programme with the Holocaust.’

Mayor of Lambeth Philip Normal shared a picture of the leaflet to Twitter and said: ‘Antisemitism, racism, hate is not tolerated in my house, or this country, or the planet Earth.’

The picture sparked outrage online, with many horrified onlookers slamming the spread of disinformation and the comparison to the Holocaust as ‘disgraceful.’

Questioning vaccines, the alleged pandemic, the government — or anything the media or government say, really — can be labeled “malicious communication” in order to arrest people. After all, the premise of the Virus Regime is that they’re doing all of these things to save people’s lives.

If you oppose the regime in any way, you’re opposing their task of saving lives.

If you question your masters, you’re a mass murderer and a terrorist.

If you refuse the vaccine, you threaten people’s lives.