UK: People Vaccinated in Third World Not Considered Vaccinated Even If They Got Same Brands

So is this a right-wing plot to block immigration?

Haha, no.

These people can still come to the UK, they just have to suffer through a humiliating all-expenses-paid free hotel vacation.

The Guardian:

England’s new Covid travel rules and refusal to recognise vaccines administered across huge swaths of the world have sparked outrage and bewilderment across Latin America, Africa and south Asia, with critics denouncing what they called an illogical and discriminatory policy.

The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, described England’s new rules, unveiled last Friday, as “a new simplified system for international travel”. “The purpose is to make it easier for people to travel,” Shapps said.

But in many parts of the world there is anger and frustration at the government’s decision to recognise only vaccinations given in a select group of countries.

Under the new rules, travellers fully vaccinated with Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna or Janssen shots in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea or an EU country will be considered “fully vaccinated” and exempt from quarantine when they arrive in England from an amber list country. But people who have been fully vaccinated with the same vaccines in Africa or Latin America, as well as other countries including India, will be considered “not fully vaccinated” and forced to quarantine for 10 days on arrival from an amber list country.

On Monday the Indian politician Shashi Tharoor announced he was pulling out of a series of appearances in England to protest the “offensive” decision to ask fully vaccinated Indians to quarantine.

“There isn’t a single person I have spoken to who isn’t angry about this. People are perplexed,” said one exasperated Latin American diplomat.

“How can a Pfizer or Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccine that is administered [in Latin America] not be sufficient for someone to be allowed in? I just don’t see how this can be acceptable. I simply cannot get my head around it,” they added. “I cannot explain what is behind this – I just know that it is very, very, very unfair.”

A west African diplomat condemned the restrictions as “discriminatory”. “[But] it’s not even the discrimination that concerns me the most, it’s the message it sends out,” they added.

“All around the world we’re struggling with vaccine hesitancy. There’s all sorts of fake news. When you say, ‘We are not going to accept the vaccine from Africa’, you lend credence to these kinds of theories. It’s only going to create a situation where it allows the pandemic to be prolonged.”

Yes, this is fuel for all sorts of theories.

People on the internet have proposed that different groups of people are getting injected with different things even when they receive the same brand of “vaccines.”

Some have gone as far as to suggest that the above could even be happening on an individual basis.

It is naive to expect everyone to be getting the same injection, just as it is naive to believe that the elite, public figures and politicians who say they’ve been vaccinated were really vaccinated, but this could just be a plot to get people to accept the digital version of the passport — the one tied to people’s biometrics.

They’d have to come out and say that due to rampant corruption, they can’t trust the veracity of the paper passports coming from these countries.

That would anger people, but people are already angered.