UK: People Report “Feeling Abnormal,” Eye Color Changes After Getting AstraZeneca’s Vaccine

What are these gene therapy vaccines really doing to people?

Daily Mail:

Britons claim AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine has caused them to lose teeth and develop flatulence, MailOnline can reveal.

The UK’s drug regulator, which polices the safety of Covid jabs, has also had reports of inoculated Brits being left screaming, yawning or crying afterwards.

Officials ask people to report any health issues they have had after being vaccinated in case a serious side effect does crop up. But the 65-page list of alleged reactions is full of oddities.

And some of these are even more common than actual medical problems. Rare brain blood clots that scared German regulators were reported five times, while six people reported ‘teething’ and 42 claimed crying was a side effect.

Bosses at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) say ‘the suspected reactions described in this report are not proven side effects of Covid vaccines’. But they are kept on record in case any later do turn out to be linked.

The bizarre list of side effects comes from Yellow Card reports given to the MHRA, which assesses the safety of the vaccine as it is rolled out.

Some of the symptoms from MHRA Yellow Card report for the AstraZeneca vaccine below:

  • Excessive blinking (1 report)
  • Yawning (24)
  • Retirement (2)
  • Screaming (3)
  • Tobacco user (1)
  • Crying (42)
  • Moaning (3)
  • Diet failure (1)
  • Eye colour change (4)
  • Teething (6)
  • Tooth discolouration (1)
  • Flatulence (102)
  • Tooth loss (1)
  • Arthropod bite (2)
  • Arthropod sting (3)
  • Weight decreased (30)
  • Weight increased (1)
  • Abnormal loss of weight (9)
  • Abnormal weight gain (2)
  • Stress (2)
  • Daydreaming (5)
  • Inadequate diet (1)
  • “General symptom” (4)
  • “Feeling abnormal” (558)

It doesn’t look like the “vaccine” is just doing one thing that only affects the body’s response to coronavirus.

Are vaccinated people going to turn into some kind of mutants?

This article was updated to correct an issue regarding the nature of the AstraZeneca vaccine delivery mechanism.