UK: People Denied Service at Restaurants, Bars and Pubs for Not Having Government Tracing App

An alpha male attempts to escape from a coronavirus ventilator

Democracy is the only true freedom, but it does have its downsides.

Remember when we voted to have a total 1984 type control grid implemented so that no one will ever get the flu again?

I want to go back and change my vote, because this is no fun at all.

Today, people are:

  1. Turned away from certain places for not having the government’s coronavirus contact tracing app
  2. Treated like terrorists by the police for not wearing a face mask

The government is doing this in the name of keeping people safe from the virus. Putting 1 and 2 together, it looks like they’re going to do the same or worse to people who refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine once one is made available.

They appear to be making normal life impossible for people who refuse to accept their insane New Normal rules.

Daily Mail:

Pubs and restaurants are turning away customers who don’t have the Government’s ‘pathetic’ tracing app,’ – despite glaring errors that stopped thousands from logging their test results.

The beleaguered app’s latest fiasco came last night when it blocked up to 70,000 users from logging their test results.

The app relies on Bluetooth to determine if someone has been within two metres of an infectious person for 15 minutes, but other Bluetooth devices can interfere with the signal, generating a ‘false positive’.

To compound the problems, it has also transpired that the app doesn’t work on millions of older smartphones.

Despite problems, pubs and restaurants are starting to bar customers from entering, unless they’ve downloaded the beleaguered app, with QR codes on display for punters to use.

Government advice tells businesses they ‘must’ display the ‘official NHS QR poster’ and apply for a code to be connected to the app.

One punter wrote on Twitter today: ‘Last night I was denied a meal because I didn’t have a Gvt phone app!!!!

You may think I’m being over dramatic but you must now get the point. What else are we soon going to be denied access to unless we have a government phone app. Please, please, please people wake up.’

Another user, Chloe James, wrote: ‘I’m in a pub and apparently they’ve been told they can’t serve anyone unless they have the track and trace app.’

If the government can’t even get a phone app working properly, how is it capable of running a total control grid in which the every movement of every person is regulated and judged?

None of this is every going to stop. It is just going to keep getting more and more extreme, until you have some fat black bitch in your bathroom, giving you a ticket for dribbling on the seat.

This is a slippery slope, but it’s more like a death drop.

It’s like the slope on one of those water slides they banned when people died.

Andrew Anglin totally rewrote this entire article.