UK: People Defending Statues Clash with Black Lives Matter and Police in Trafalgar Square

Some people are not happy that their country’s history is being destroyed by ungrateful foreigners.

And those people, of course, are evil racists who hate darker shades of skin.

Daily Mail:

Police were fighting to keep control of London [Saturday] afternoon after a pro-statue rally spiralled into hooliganism and ran riot through Westminster.

Mounted officers and riot squads armed with shields have been urgently attempting to separate today’s Black Lives Matter demonstration from the fierce counter-protest.

Both groups have marched on Trafalgar Square, where smoke bombs were detonated, and have been within sight of each other.

Crowds of pro-statue campaigners had earlier surrounded the monument of Winston Churchill, which has been boarded up by Sadiq Khan for fear of it becoming a ‘flashpoint’ of far-right violence.

They later peeled off to the Cenotaph where they rushed up to the police blockage, where they goaded constables and pelted them with bottles and cans.

The pro-statue rally included veterans dressed in military uniform as well as far-right thugs such as Britain First leader Paul Golding.

Priti Patel has condemned the ‘unacceptable thuggery’ and said the perpetrators would face the ‘full force of the law’.


It is the whites who are unacceptable, says Ms. Patel, the human bulldozer.

Because whiteness itself is unacceptable.

Several of these unacceptable whites were beaten at the event.

One guy got it pretty bad.

There were other troubles.

Just a day in the world of the blacks.

There are a few obvious questions to ask here:

  1. Why are black people living in white people’s countries destroying white people’s countries?
  2. Why are the police only getting involved when statues are protected and not to prevent their destruction?
  3. Why is someone named “Priti Patel” in a position of authority over white people in a white country?
  4. Why is this “Priti Patel” not defending the statues of the country that welcomed her?

The last question, and perhaps the most important one, is: why are white countries still welcoming people who want to destroy our history?

At this point, saying “I want foreigners in my country” is no different than putting a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger.

We have a very clear picture of what they are here to do.

To his credit, Boris Johnson called out the blacks and their terrorist “allies” earlier in the week.

But he’s not doing anything. No one is doing anything. People from Jamaica and Senegal are rioting and engaging in mass property destruction in London – targeting the identity of the British people – because a drug addict died of a heart attack in Minneapolis.