UK: People Can’t Sunbathe or Buy DIY Equipment for Home Projects During Lockdown

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

“Excuse me, sir, but you can’t just sunbathe here all alone, away from people, without bothering anyone.”

The government of the United Kingdom appears to want people to be miserable during the lockdown.

Exposing the skin to the sun is good for the endocrine system, for the skin, for the bones, it has an antidepressant effect, it strengthens the immune system and it improves mood — among other benefits.

Not every home has access to enough sunlight, so banning people from sunbathing outside for the duration of the lockdown can have strong detrimental effects on their physical and mental health.

Daily Mail:

Britons have been banned from sunbathing just as temperatures begin to soar after covidiots continued to flout lockdown rules on the weekend with activities including windsurfing, beach barbecues and even an adult baptism.

There was anger yesterday after one London authority closed a park after reporting thousands of visitors flocking there to lounge around in the warm weather after a wet and miserable winter.

Asked the clarify the rules today, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman confirmed that anyone caught sunbathing could be fined, saying: ‘People should not be going to parks or beaches to sunbathe. It goes against our rules on essential movement.’

A policeman with a megaphone was seen ordering sunbathers to leave a park in south London over the weekend, while on Brighton beach officers doused a barbecue with seawater scooped up in their helmets.

Police now face their biggest enforcement challenge yet with temperatures set to soar to 75F leading up to the Bank Holiday weekend, although No10 today ruled out a ban on exercise, as previously hinted by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Just imagine being a police officer and thinking that it is your duty to prevent people from feeling the sun.

Now imagine that’s also your duty to prevent people from buying tools and things to entertain themselves while at home.

Daily Mail:

Police have cracked down on shoppers making non-essential trips to buy DIY equipment and garden furniture, as pressure mounts on homewear store The Range to close its doors amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Police issued 20 shoppers with warnings after they were seen buying non-essential goods at The Range in Stockton, County Durham on Sunday.

The home and garden store has been allowed to stay open during the nationwide lockdown, but 11,000 people have signed a petition calling for it to be closed.

Although it sells some food, toilet rolls and pet food, customers have been flocking to the shops to buy house plants, soft furnishings and DIY goods.

Those caught making non-essential journeys by police can be fined £60 for a first offence at £120 for a second one.

People buying DIY equipment, furniture and other home stuff are just trying to turn the lockdown into a productive period.

They just want to improve their homes and to keep their minds busy and away from all of the hysteria.

But apparently that’s not allowed.

They want you to panic.