UK: Patients Sue NHS After Getting Brain Damage from Depression Treatment

This will make you feel better, goy.

Let this be a reminder that you cannot really trust modern medicine and that you should stay away from novel “treatments.”

People who allow themselves to be injected with whatever is in a coronavirus vaccine are pretty similar to people willing to get their brains fried with electricity.

Daily Mail:

Dozens of patients who underwent a highly controversial form of treatment for depression, which involves passing electrical currents through the head, are suing the NHS, claiming they suffered brain damage.

They say they were never informed that electroconvulsive therapy could result in permanent memory loss and facial recognition problems, as well as trouble with basic everyday tasks like walking and reading.

Jane Williams, of law firm Freeths, who is representing the former patients, said they were ‘suffering from cognitive impairment and memory loss but were not made aware of potential side-effects prior to treatment’.

Care home manager Andy Luff, 51, who claims ECT left him periodically unable to recognise his family or even speak, said he ‘wasn’t given any warning about brain damage’ and that concerns that he ‘didn’t feel right’ after the sessions were dismissed.

Lots of things can go wrong with novel treatments.

For instance, no one knows what’s really inside the liquid that they want to inject people with in order to allegedly prevent them from catching the harmless coronavirus.

Do you understand what the ingredients do? Do you trust the ingredients are what they say they are?

Do you trust the people promoting it?

Do you trust the government? The same incompetent government that destroyed the economy and people’s lives over a flu?

Do you trust “professionals”?

Because once the mystery liquid enters your body, you’re no longer in control of the consequences.