UK: Pakis Abduct White Girl, Keep Her Captive for 12 Years as Islamic Sex Slave

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2018

No photos of the culprits have been released yet, but I’m sure they’ll look similar to this prized specimen.

Well, we don’t call the United Kingdom a “free-range Moslem rape pen” for nothin’.

Don’t worry, though. Word on the street is that Sadiq Khan and Sajid Javid are outraged by this crime, and plan to help their fellow Englishmen at once!


Details of what may be Britain’s worst ever grooming gang case are emerging after being taken up by a member of the House of Lords, with the victim allegedly abducted, held captive for 12 years, and forced into two Islamic marriages and eight abortions.

House of Lords crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox has taken up the case of ‘Sarah’, who says she was kidnapped in a Tesco car park aged 15 and subjected to a constant succession of rapes and beatings over 12 years of captivity while police refused to intervene, according to the Daily Mail.

‘Sarah’ was allegedly taken by a Pakistani Muslim with a large extended family and connections to the minicab trade and “raped, beaten, and made to swallow strong sedatives every day to make her docile”, before being forced into a kind of domestic slavery and “made to learn the Koran in Arabic and allowed to speak only in the Pakistani languages of Urdu and Punjabi”, according to the Daily Mail account of her ordeal.

Police are alleged to have refused to investigate her disappearance or even list her as missing, and the Mail reports her as claiming that even after she finally escaped and tried to report her experience to the authorities “a Muslim [police] officer turned off the tape recorder during an interview… and told her to drop allegations against one of her attackers ‘because of lack of evidence’.”