UK: Oxfordshire School Bans Intolerant Packed Lunches in Favor of Vibrant Halal Meat

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

All Britons know that schools are designed to prepare their children for the outside world. But what happens when the “outside world” is no longer a traditional European nation, but a traditional Islamic caliphate?

Simple: you alter the curriculum to accommodate the country’s change of direction!

First, schoolchildren need to visit as many mosques as possible. This provides a good foundational understanding of who is conquering them and why it needs to be done.

Next, schoolgirls need to start wearing hijabs to prepare for their roles as Islamic wives, while schoolboys need to be banned from engaging in expressions of masculinity that could, if allowed to develop, threaten Moslem rule.

Last, schoolchildren need to adopt a diet rich in tortured animals and other foods that promote a spiritual connection to Pakistan.

It’s just about adapting to the times, really.


A school has enraged parents by banning all packed lunches and choosing instead to only serve Halal meat, gluten-free food and salads.

The food policy at Aureus School, in Didcot, Oxfordshire, says all pupils and staff must eat together in the canteen, with emphasis put on healthy and social easting.


Now that’s what I call a pertinent typo!

The school insists that only water may be drunk on site because ‘hydrated brains learn better’.

Yup, gotta get those brains nice and wet.

Like sponges.

To absorb the finest Jewish wisdom about multiculturalism, feminism and The Six Million.

Everyone at the school can choose from eating a hot Halal meat meal, a hot gluten-free vegetarian meal, a jacket potato, a salad, a pasta pot or a baguette.

Remember, we’re talking about British schoolchildren here. When offered a choice between meat dishes or gay continental food like baguettes, 90% of them are going to choose the former.

And the administrators know it.

So they’re basically forcing the children to eat animals that were bled to death in haji torture factories. The vegetarian options are presumably included so that if the parents start saying, “OI M8, ARE U MAKING ME KIDS EAT MUSLIM FOOD?” the administrators can respond with: “No, of course not. Look at these delicious nut roasts – they haven’t been blessed by a single cleric!”

Freedom is best :DD And hard choices :DDD

The head teacher is a woman, btw.

Executive head teacher Hannah Wilson said: ‘Food education closes the poverty gap and delicious, nutritious should be a universal entitlement.

‘With all of the headlines about food banks and obesity, we are preparing our students for healthy lifestyles in the future.’

Yes, she talks about “healthy lifestyles” despite being an obese, moonfaced slob.

But it doesn’t matter, because even a lobotomized nigger knows that this isn’t about health. It’s about mentally preparing the children to identify with, and ultimately submit to, the brown conquerors in their midst.

But a father, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the rules were ‘draconian’.

He added: ‘We are thinking of taking her out of the school – it’s getting silly and more like a dictatorship. Their views are quite extreme.

‘It’s about choice. It’s supposed to be an inclusive school but they are only catering for one particular religion.’

He said the school’s insinuation that pupils would not otherwise get a sit-down meal at home, or would only eat unhealthy food, was ‘absolutely insulting’.

The father said he had tried to get the policies changed since September but had been unsuccessful.

Oy vey, it looks like we’ve got a skin-hater on our hands!

What are you gonna do, Nigel? Hold the head teacher at spoonpoint until she changes her mind?

Take your daughter out of Aureus if you want, all British schools are heading in this direction anyway!

This father seriously thinks he can outrun progress!

On the school’s website, a section for frequently-asked questions states reasoning behind the food policies: ‘What we eat is a key influencer on our performance.

Reiterating the Halal kitchen policy, the document states this is to ‘celebrate the diversity of our country’s culture’.

Ayyyyyyyy, there it is.

The D-word.

A magical phenomenon that’s so good, no one ever needs to specify why it’s good.

Well okay, one specification is often made.

At this point, all we can do is hope that 2018 Trump transforms into 2016 Trump again, declares the UK to be hostile Islamic territory, bombs it to the ground and rebuilds it from scratch.

I don’t think there’s another way for Britain to get out of this deeply entrenched mess.