UK: “Organized” Axe and Sword Battle Leaves Three Men Injured

People are going to get bored.

What does the government expect them to do?

Daily Mail:

Three men have been stabbed during a fight involving an axe and a samurai sword just yards from the homes of Premier League footballers.

Emergency services were called to Formby Beach in Sefton, Merseyside at around 7.10pm yesterday, police said in a statement. The three men have been taken to hospital by air ambulance for treatment.

A witness told the Liverpool Echo a man was attacked with an axe and a samurai sword during the ‘organised fight‘ at the National Trust site.

The lad who was losing the fight pulled out an axe and hit the other lad with it,’ he said. ‘His mate then pulled out a samurai sword and used that too. It was bad.’

I’m sure there will now be a big crackdown on the collectable art weapon industry, something that has kept many people going through the pandemic hoax.

Can’t have anyone ever having fun.

Not in the UK, not in any white country.

Bull baiting is also illegal. As is bear baiting.

(In America, people are still allowed to raise pit bulls to kill random children, but not to bait bulls.)

Do you know that even cockfights are illegal?

They say it’s abuse of the chicken.

What is the cock going to do, if not live and die as a warrior?