UK: Organization That Teaches Children to Mutilate Themselves Gets £500,000 Lottery Grant

Daily Stormer
February 21, 2019

Pause the video at 2:55 and look at the screen. Just look at it for a minute or two.

Remind me again – why is it a good thing that Germany & Friends lost the war?

What exactly did the other side “win?”

Daily Mail:

A transgender charity will be handed a £500,000 Lottery grant despite accusations it encourages gender reassignment for children, it was reported last night.

The Mermaids group attracted complaints that it used pseudo-science and pressurised parents into supporting medical intervention for youngsters confused about their gender.

What do they mean by “pseudo-science?”

If somebody mutilates their body to look like the other gender, then they’re that gender.

This is (((settled))) science.

Mermaids, which offers advice to transgender and non-gender conforming youngsters up to the age of 19, campaigns for them to be allowed better access to puberty-blockers and other medical options, despite a lack of scientific research over their long-term effects.

How much scientific research do you need to know that chemically and surgically mutilating your body is not good for you?

Is everybody fucking insane???

Leeds-based charity Mermaids was founded in 1995 and also receives funds from the Department for Education.

It is led by Susie Green, a former IT consultant who took her own child to Thailand aged 16 for genital surgery that is illegal in the UK and now outlawed in Thailand, The Times reported. The charity now works with about 500 youngsters and 1,400 parents and uses the Government cash to educate schools about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

This is the jiggly blob that runs this insane organization:

Her son tried to kill himself repeatedly, but unfortunately failed.

And you’re paying her to do it, Britcucks.


However, the National Lottery said it did not believe Mermaids pushes families towards a particular medical course of action and agreed the funding should be granted. The National Lottery Community Fund said: ‘This review did not find any grounds to withhold funding from Mermaids UK.

‘The grant has therefore been approved by the England funding committee.’

Its final report on the allegations stated: ‘The CEO of Mermaids has publicly raised the issue of medical treatment being available to children younger than is the adopted position of the NHS in the UK. However, Mermaids has no control over medical treatment and this position appears to have been presented in the context of young people having more options open to them.’

But the report also added that the charity should remove a link from its website to a GP practice that is under investigation for prescribing puberty-blockers to under-age children.

Lotteries were created in order to raise money for large construction projects like roads, bridges, walls – including the biggest wall in the world – but no longer.

Just like every other institution in a country controlled by Jews, this too has become just a grotesque parody whose sole purpose is to make money off the people it’s exterminating, and the main portion of the blame lies with the people who permitted things to get here, not with the Jews.

The Jews are our misfortune, but only because we let them.