UK: Official 2020 Death Rate Similar to That of 2003, Virtually No Deaths of People Under 65 Blamed on Coronavirus

Remember that lockdown the UK did in 2003 because all of those people were dying? Me neither.

We’ve got some new data.

Check out the “under 65” section in the image below:

What kind of society-destroying deadly virus only kills people who are already on the verge of death?

Daily Mail:

England and Wales recorded more deaths last year during the coronavirus pandemic than at anytime since the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, official data shows.

Separate Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures showed there were also more deaths than births in Britain in 2020 — only the second time this has happened since the pandemic a century ago.

There were a total of 607,922 deaths in England and Wales last year, of which 72,950 (12 per cent) were caused by Covid. More will have died indirectly from the virus, including struggling to access healthcare in lockdown.

It is the highest death toll since 1918 when 611,861 people died, including 228,000 directly from the H1N1 flu strain that sparked the last global pandemic.

Population growth means that the death rate in 2020 was only at its highest since 2003, but statisticians said there was a 14.5 per cent jump in mortality compared to 2019, something which hasn’t happened since the Blitz.

Professor Kevin McConway, emeritus professor in applied statistics at the Open University, told MailOnline: ‘The jump in the number of registered deaths in 2020 compared to 2019 is quite remarkable.

This isn’t the highest year-on-year increase in deaths ever, but it’s very high. That’s really exceptional – up to 2019 it hadn’t changed by more than 10 per cent in a single year, up or down, since 1948.’

People aged 90 or over were most likely to die with the disease, with those in the age group recording a death rate of 2,918 per 100,000 — 23 times the rate for people of all ages (127 per 100,000).

Those aged 85 to 89 had the second highest rate (1,611 per 100,000), followed by 80- to 84-year-olds (912) and 75- to 79-year-olds (470).

Most Covid deaths occurred in hospitals, with 14,417 of the 73,559 victims dying while being treated — 19.1 per cent. Care homes saw the second highest number, with 13.4 per cent of all Covid deaths occurring there.

We have speculated that the UK has manipulated their total death count, as well as doing the normal manipulation of attributing deaths from other things – i.e., everything that people over 65 normally die of – to coronavirus.

In the United States, according to Johns Hopkins, there was no increase in total deaths – at all. The UK, however, has a centralized socialized medicine system that would be easier to manipulate. But honestly, “highest since 2003” is hardly a staggering statistic.

The deaths happening in hospitals is obvious – people who were being treated for other things then “tested positive for COVID.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that if you had a heart attack and went into the hospital in the middle of dying, they would either give you a COVID test (which would be positive almost always) or just say you’re having trouble breathing and say that means you have COVID, then record the death as “COVID-19 DEADLY PANDEMIC.”

So, the single interesting statistic is total deaths.

Because it was the same alleged virus, and we have the statistics that there was no increase in total deaths in America in the spring of 2020, it doesn’t make sense that there could be an increase of deaths anywhere unless there is some other factor involved.

Frankly, there is still no evidence of a new virus. It looks like all they did was relabel the flu, then add in a bunch of totally unrelated deaths from other diseases and incidents.

Maybe in the UK it was like in the predictive TV show Utopia, and they actually poisoned people?