UK: Obesity Put One Million People in Hospitals in 2020

This is four times the number they claim was hospitalized for coronavirus – and virtually everyone hospitalized for coronavirus was actually being hospitalized for obesity!

Daily Mail:

A record one million people were admitted to hospital because of obesity in England last year, official data has shown.

Data released by NHS Digital today shows admissions for conditions caused by obesity or where obesity affected people’s treatment rose by 17 per cent in the year 2019 to 2020.

Women made up almost two thirds (64 per cent) of the hospital cases and admissions were more common in poorer areas than wealthy places.

The medical director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Powis, called the figures ‘shocking’ and said they were ‘a growing sign of the nation’s obesity crisis’.

He said obese people were putting themselves at risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke and also putting extra pressure on the NHS, which spends billions of pounds every year on treating people for their weight.

People were most often admitted to hospital for arthritis in their hips and knees and for heart disease, while others needed treatment directly for their weight.

The NHS figures show that around 10,780 admissions were caused directly by obesity — for weight loss or gastric surgery — while the rest were for problems related to obesity.

But in total there were 1.02million hospital admissions where someone’s obesity was listed as the main or secondary cause for their visit, up from 876,000 the year before.

The most common of these were for appointments during pregnancy, knee and hip arthritis and heart disease.

If the government is against anyone dying or going to the hospital – and is trying to prevent death and hospitalization completely – then why don’t they regulate the food industry to solve the obesity crisis?

The fact is a fact: the government does not care about anyone’s health. This is an absolute hoax.

If they don’t care about anyone’s health, then even if you believe in this virus nonsense, their response to it must have some other purpose than health.