UK: Now They’re Coming for Your Murals Too, Say Goodbye to Your History

How dare you depict an African person as a naked boy?

Everyone knows that the only reason black people in Africa are naked nowadays is because the white man took all of their clothes away.

First you take their clothes away, then you mock them for being naked.

You truly are despicable.

Daily Mail:

The Foreign Office came under pressure to remove five British Empire-era murals from its walls in the wake of racism protests across Britain.

Shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy is believed to have raised the century-old works by Sigismund Goetze which line the grand staircase in the palatial Whitehall building with her counterpart Dominic Raab.

The pieces, completed between 1914 and 1921, include images of empire seen as problematic by campaigners, including a representation of Africa as a fruit-bearing little boy surrounded by white Anglo-Saxon adults.

Caroline Dakers, professor of cultural history at University of the Arts London, told the Guardian: ‘I can understand why people feel this work should be removed from a government building, but I think it should be preserved somewhere else, such as a museum.

We can then have a discussion in a multilayered way and reach a greater understanding why Britain had these views about empire.’

There are five murals on the staircase, entitled Britannia Pacificatrix, Britannia Sponsa, Britannia Nutrix, Brittania Bellatrix and Britannia Colonorum Mater.

According to the Foreign Office’s online photo album they show the ‘origin, education, development, expansion and triumph of the British Empire, leading up to the Covenant of the League of Nations’.

Yes, they also show women doing women’s stuff, and these days everyone knows that women should be doing men’s stuff.

See? These murals are repulsive displays of sexism, racism, and bigotry.

We should remove them, just as we should remove all historic statues too until the only statues that remain are the joke statues — because we are a joke people right now.

It will be much easier for the overlords to rule through their new Antiviral Regime once people forget their past and no one knows where anyone came from.