UK Now Requires People to Log Into an App to be Allowed Into Pubs and Restaurants

On Sunday, The Guardian published an article looking into what people will be allowed to do from April 12, calling it “an ease of restrictions.”

They buried the lede in the ninth paragraph.

The Guardian:

Pubs and restaurants are allowed to open and serve customers with outdoor service only.

Everyone who visits will have to check in on the NHS’s Test-and-trace app and groups are limited to six people or two households.

Drinkers have been urged to take cash to the pub with them, as poor broadband and mobile signal means card machines may not work in pub gardens.

There are no rules in place requiring pubs to serve a meal alongside alcohol, and there will be no curfew.

This is the Bill Gates QR code scheme. Every place you enter is, within the next year, going to be required to have a QR code on the entrance to it. You will be required to scan the QR code with the camera of your phone, which will log the fact that you visited the establishment.

You might have already seen these showing up at various buildings.

It looks like this:

Alongside the QR codes, they’re also going to start rolling out face-scanning temperature machines that look like this:

Those machines are already for sale on Amazon, in America, for $1100.

(In America, they will say “it’s not the government,” and it will only be every major corporate chain doing this “because it’s their right as a private business.”)

Right-wing people’s standard response to this is “yeah but they can already track you?”

That is sort of true, but there are laws about the data. Or there were before January 6. But that is missing the point: the point is that you submit to it. This is a social engineering program, designed to progressively dehumanize you. It started with the temperature guns.

It’s all about public health, goy.

Going forward, we will likely encounter more blatant new restrictions on personal freedom being presented as an “ease of lockdown rules.”

“Yes, you need to show your vaccination passport or log into this app in order to visit shops and enter some venues, but you weren’t allowed to do that at all before!”

It will probably work on the masses, because people don’t appear to be very angry about the fact they were much freer before March 2020.

At least not as angry as those Black Lives Matter protesters who burned and looted entire cities.