UK: Nog Accidentally Killed White Woman with Acid After Trying to Kill Someone Else with Acid

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

Xeneral Webster.

Yeah, but without accepting these acid attacks we wouldn’t have genuine shawarma.

Worth it, I think.

Daily Mail:

Xeneral Webster, 19, was on trial for the murder of 47-year-old Joanne Rand after she was covered in maximum strength acid.

But today – a week into the trial – he admitted manslaughter after arming himself with the substance he had intended to use to injure another man he was in dispute with.

Mrs Rand died from blood poisoning 11 days after running screaming in pain to a nearby KFC restaurant to douse herself in water in High Wycombe.

Webster, from Westway, west London, changed his plea before the prosecution had finished presenting its case to the jury sitting at Reading Crown Court.

The Crown Prosecution Service accepted the guilty plea and Judge Angela Morris ordered the jury to formally acquit the teenager of murder. He will be sentenced on June 15.

Joanne Rand.