UK: NHS Looking Into Giving Free Liposuction to Fat Women

Pictured: Emily Kearney, a lipoedema sufferer, before and after liposuction.

The fact of reality is that fat people will eat their way out of any treatment other than losing weight.

We saw a wave of liposuction, then a wave of stomach belts; now they’re talking about wiring people’s jaws shut.

None of it ever works. They just keep eating, because they’re addicted to carbs.

Daily Mail:

Thousands of women blighted by a disabling condition that causes ‘tree-trunk’ legs may soon be offered liposuction on the NHS.

Financial watchdogs are set to assess the operation for patients with lipoedema, which causes abnormal amounts of fat to build up, mostly around the hips, buttocks, legs and sometimes upper arms, leading to an extremely disproportionate appearance along with mobility problems, pain and risk of infections.

The condition usually develops in teenage years, and gets worse over time. In some women, their limbs grow so large and heavy that they are forced to use a wheelchair.

Liposuction, which involves a fine tube being inserted under the skin to break up and suck out fat tissue, is typically seen as a cosmetic procedure for people who want to slim down fast, but each year a small number of patients with severe lipoedema are offered it on the NHS on medical grounds.

Now health chiefs are looking at whether it would be cost-effective to give it to younger lipoedema patients, and at an earlier stage, to prevent more serious problems as they get older.

One woman with lipoedema who paid a total of £20,000 for liposuction called the procedure ‘life-changing’.

Before undergoing surgery, Emily Kearney, 32, was a slim size eight on top but a size 14 on the bottom.

The horse groomer from Wendover, Buckinghamshire, had suffered the condition throughout her teens but was wrongly told by doctors that she simply needed to lose weight.

She has now had four separate procedures on her legs, abdomen and arms, and a total of 55 lb, or 26 litres, of fat removed.

So it wasn’t just her legs. She was just overall fat.

Full-body images of women allegedly suffering from this “lipoedema” thing show that the women are just overall fat.

Random “lipoedema” sufferer.

Most obese women have this “tree trunk legs” thing, so, in practice, a free liposuction for a “lipoedema sufferer” will be a free liposuction for a fat woman.

What are the doctors going to do? Calculate the leg fat to torso fat ratio? That would be bigoted, fatphobic, and traumatizing for the women.

They’re just going to be handling free surgeries to every fat woman that shows up.

Lipoedema is thought to affect one in ten women to varying degrees of severity.

Although it is not fully understood why it occurs, it’s believed to be at least partly linked to the female sex hormone oestrogen due to the fact that men are rarely, if ever, affected.

There is also a genetic component. In 60 per cent of cases, the condition runs in the family.

Diet and exercise habits also run in the family.

You have to shut these women down.

Britain has socialized medicine – so ban fat people from healthcare. That’s fair. These people don’t care about their own bodies, and then they want to make their lack of self-respect a public problem.

Just let fat people die.