UK: NHS App Now Featuring Coronavirus Vaccine Passport

There’s not going to be a vaccine passport.

Don’t worry about the vaccine passport.

Actually, there already is a vaccine passport.

Don’t worry about the vaccine passport.

Daily Mail:

A change to the NHS app brought in today allows people to prove whether they have had the Covid jab – effectively making it a vaccine passport.

The update for users in England has been brought in with little fanfare but MPs and privacy campaigners have voiced fears that any such system could be discriminatory and a breach of human rights.

The update coincides with Step 3 of the Government’s roadmap, which lifts the ban on foreign travel. The NHS Digital website reads: ‘From 17 May, people in England who have had a full course of the Covid-19 vaccine can demonstrate their Covid-19 vaccination status for international travel.

People can prove their vaccination status in the NHS app or by ringing 119 to get a letter.’ A No 10 source last night said the updated app was designed to allow people to meet foreign countries’ requirements for visitors. But they said ‘no decisions’ had been taken on the scope or use of any domestic scheme.

Obviously, if Britain refused, foreign countries would have to change their rules, because Brits are the most decadent and extravagant vacationers on earth.

This is the epitome of a manipulative excuse.

Boris Johnson has shelved the idea of requiring people to prove their Covid status to access pubs and restaurants.

But the idea is still being investigated by a review led by Michael Gove for mass events like sports stadiums and business conferences, and larger indoor venues like theatres.

The controversial notion of vaccine passports has been considered as a way for fully vaccinated adults to mix freely indoors without any need for restrictive public health measures or masks.

Listen: there is no way they won’t implement a vaccine passport.

These people are not just playing things by ear. They have a total plan for society already drawn up, and they are just going through the process of manifesting that agenda into reality. If they fail to do something, they just come back with it later.

It’s clear that they wanted the vaccine passport to be implemented before summer 2021. However, the mass refusal of so many people to get the vaccine, and the aggressive pushback against the vaccine passport (even by idiots who were vaxxed), pushed the timeline back for a season.

What they’re going to do now is claim in the fall that there is a “new strain.” This will probably coincide with a bunch of people dying from the “vaccine.” Most of the anti-vaxx experts assume people will start dying in significant numbers over the next two years.

If there’s a big die-off in the fall it will help, but even if there isn’t, they can just do the same thing they have been doing and point at flu deaths and heart attacks (and car crashes) and everything else and claim “virus.”

What they’re likely going to do is claim that a big part of why there are deaths is that people were faking the vaccine card, and say that the only way to prevent fraud is to use the passport app, with the QR code tracking your every move and preventing you from entering grocery stores.

They acted like they were against people printing the fake cards, but the actual fact is that they made it incredibly easy to do. They could have put any kind of serial number or stamp or whatever on this, but they didn’t. It’s just a card anyone can print and fill in with a pen.

We don’t know how many people did print it off, but it requires virtually zero agency to do so. All of these people were posting their cards on Twitter, so you could even copy an official site and batch number.

They can come out and claim they know how many people faked it. They can say it’s 40% fake. No one knows.

The coronavirus cultists will go nuts if the media and government start talking about people with fake cards infecting the already vaxxed. They would ask for an explanation as to how the unvaxxed are able to infect the vaxxed – that question is never touched, because this is about good people vs. bad people. The cultists will begin demanding the vaxx pass app. Then the government can say “we’re just responding to demands.”

It’s all very simple. You see, when they have this plan drawn up of what they want to do, implementing it is easy. They are implementing it against a population that doesn’t even know they have a plan, and won’t believe it even when they say they have a plan.

I don’t know what people think when they see the World Economic Forum at Davos saying “Agenda for 2021.” They literally call it “The Agenda.”


God bless the peasants.

They know not what they do.

And anyway, it’s mostly women.

According to the Jews, nearly half of Republican men have continued to refuse.

Of course, that also means that when they come in with the next big push later this year, they’re going to say white male “white supremacists” are responsible, which will further incentivize AWFLs to become even more sadistic.