UK: New Nationalist Group NS131 Offers Street Art Workshops

Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

The vermin running the British government thought they could stop the rising wave of nationalism by clamping down on National Action last year.

They were wrong.

Instead of extinguishing the fire of White pride, they’ve poured oil on the flames. A thousand new groups will step up to replace them.


What is NS131?

NS131 is a platform dedicated to promoting and spreading NS street art and physical propaganda. We produce a visual blog to give a voice to creative NS activists who are pushing the right message.

Throughout Europe nationalists are using street art as a tool to propagandise and engage with young people. Projects similar to our own already exist in Germany, Poland, Russia, France and Spain. We are part of a wave of autonomous NS street artists across the continent.

We publish photos and videos, we can also facilitate with networking and creating publicity.

If you would like us to help you find your nearest crew or have something to submit to the webzine, contact us at:

Note that drawing graffiti without the approval of the owner of the edifice is vandalism, and illegal. NS131 have assured me they only do their art and conduct their workshops on authorized surfaces and designated graffiti areas.