UK: Negro Jailed for Stabbing Couple, Filming Himself Dancing with the Murder Weapon on Snapchat

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2019

Javone Meade.

People of all races are capable of stabbing others.

The dancing on film with the incriminating weapon part though – that’s a jiggaboo thang.


An 18-year-old filmed on Snapchat dancing with the knife he had just used to stab a couple has been jailed.

Javone Meade was captured on CCTV using the blade to stab the pair outside their daughter’s apartment block on Mabgate in Leeds.

A judge said it was ‘a miracle’ no-one was killed but the family was left ‘utterly devastated’ by the psychological effects of the attack.

Meade was ordered to serve a minimum term of five years and 110 days’ detention.

Leeds Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of a group of seven young people appearing in the street as the couple were smoking, shortly before midnight on March 31 this year.

The couple’s car lights were seen lighting up, indicating it had just been locked.

One of the young males walked over and kicked the car and the couple’s daughter confronted them.

Prosecutor Ben Campbell said the couple’s daughter was pushed up against a wall and punched by several members of the group.

As the wife tried to defend their daughter, Meade ran over and stabbed her in the stomach.

He then approached the husband and stabbed him in the back.

Several members of the group were seen trying to hold Meade back before they all left the scene.

Amy Earnshaw, mitigating, said Meade did not know what provoked the incident, only his friends involved in a confrontation.

She said it is believed Meade’s mother used drugs during her pregnancy.

He was taken into care at 18 months old and lived with a foster family from the age of three to 18.

Ms Earnshaw said Meade has learning difficulties, is in the bottom 0.01% of intelligence, is particularly vulnerable to bullying in custody, and has previously attempted to take his own life in prison.

Yes, being in the bottom 0.01% of intelligence is called “being a typical nigger.”

It’s the reason – one of many reasons, actually – why we don’t want these people anywhere near our homelands.