UK: Nazis Celebrate Easter by Marching Against Rapefugees

Daily Stormer
April 18, 2017

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate easter.

As Jesus was resurrected after being killed by the Jews, so shall we rise again from the darkness that engulfs our civilization. Easter is the perfect symbol for our struggle to reclaim our homelands, and a great timing for this protest.

The Mirror:

Neo-Nazi thugs closed down a town centre as they protested against Syrian refugees fleeing their war torn country before being welcomed in the UK.


Nice to see journalists maintaining their sense of fairness and objectivity.

The gloves are definitely coming off. Soon, mainstream papers are going to read like a reverse version of Daily Stormer, and just flat out call for the extermination of the “White vermin” by the “brave antifa warriors of justice.”

The hate filled [sic] fascists walked through the Scottish town of Wishaw yesterday, chanting messages of hate while wearing balaclavas and masks.

They waved banners with the slogan “Refugees Not Welcome”.

Looks like this event was fun for the whole family.

They were able to cripple the centre of the town because Scotland has no laws to counter such demonstrations, reports the Daily Record.

Oh, I’m sure they’re working on that. We wouldn’t want the goyim to have the freedom to complain about their situation, after all.

Around 50 Nazis were confronted by a counter demonstration including a strong presence of people from the town.

The pathetic antifa counter protest. Notice the studded leather mask. How gay is that? Wew.

Politicians, businesses and locals called on the Government to create new laws to stop the far-right bringing unwanted chaos to towns and cities.

Yeah, we must return to the peaceful settlement of jihadis and African savages into these small towns, and not tolerate the chaos generated by those complaining about it.

“They came because a former Labour councillor said Syrian refugees here as part of the UK resettlement programme should not be offered the same housing as residents in Wishaw.

“I found that completely objectionable. We were the first council in Scotland to participate in the resettlement programme, taking in Congolese refugees in 2007.

“As a result of that councillor’s irresponsible and disgusting comments, the SDL saw an opportunity to come here and attempt to stoke up racial hatred. They’re not welcome.”

It’s “irresponsible” and “disgusting” to suggest that foreigners shouldn’t be given our land and our heritage for no reason.

And these people wonder why we hate them.

Our leaders are fleecing the people like sheep and distributing the bounty to third world savages who hate us, and anyone who complains about it is mercilessly persecuted.

They can feel our anger, and they are panicking.