UK: Nationalists Preparing for White Pride Day 2014

Daily Stormer
March 22, 2014

It is very good to see this becoming an annual event for White Nationalists in the UK.

White Pride day is coming up again, that time of year when White Nationalists get their flags of the various White Nations out and meet up to make a stand against the Anti-White agenda.

Last year’s event went by with no arrests on our side and the Police themselves commended the Nationalists for their behaviour throughout. No doubt that had some bearing on this year’s event being given the go ahead.

    White Pride Day in Swansea 2013.
White Pride Day in Swansea 2013.

A review of White Pride Day 2013 from South West NF:

Just over 100 Nationalists from various right wing groups, gathered in Swansea to celebrate White Pride Day UK and to make a stand against the discrimination of White people.

The very fact that this event went ahead is a massive result.

Every spanner that could of been thrown in the works by the left, was.

Swansea council did every thing to try and stop this event going ahead, even passing information to violent extreme left wing groups.

Ignore the camera date. 100-180 people turned up, depending on which report you read. Hopefully there will be more this year.

It has to be said that the police were very fair and treated us well. Yes, there was some give and take in the planning, but we got there in the end.

The UAF and other left wing groups  brought 400 (again, papers reporting this so probably 300 there judging by their left leaning lies) most of which looked like WHITE student types (TRAITORS!), you know the ones, never done a days work in their lives but think they know how to rule the world.

We protested for over an hour with three speeches made by people from 3 different nationalist groups.

A minute silence was held in memory of recent and past Anti-White murder, including the tragic suicide of 9 year old Aaron Dugmore, bullied to death for being white.

The silence was respected by the Nationalists present, but it was constantly interrupted by the left wing traitors.

A minute’s silence was held for all the victims of immigrant violence.

The behavior and manner that the Nationalists conducted themselves in was a credit to the White Pride World Wide movement. Even the police officers present applauded our behavior.

The Nationalist protesters then left the city center to enjoy a well earned drink  and the celebrations went on well into the night.

A great day and history in the making, as the UK  now stands shoulder to shoulder with other White countries around the world that annually hold a White Pride day.

Thank you to all involved in planning and to all those who attended, see you all next year!