UK: “Muhammad” Most Popular Newborn Boy Name for 5th Year in a Row

It’s about damn time we admitted that the UK is no longer a white country.

It is an Islamic caliphate.

And that’s a good thing.


Muhammad has kept its position as the most common name for newborn boys in the UK in 2021, but unisex names are becoming increasingly popular, a prominent parenting website’s data reveals.

According to Baby Centre, Muhammad “retains the crown for the fifth year running,” followed by Noah and Oliver.

The latest government statistics, however, places Oliver in first place in 2020 with Muhammad only in fifth. This contradiction has an explanation though: with Muhammad, Mohammed and Mohammad being versions of the same name, it can still be considered to be the most popular one.

What an amazing achievement.

A white country turned into a violent, poverty-stricken, Islamic shithole.

This is what democracy is all about.