UK Moving Directly Into Full Second Lockdown

This must really be shocking to the goyim.

No one could have predicted this.


The British government is planning to enforce a total social lockdown across a majority of northern Britain and potentially London, to combat a second wave of COVID-19, The Times reported late on Sunday.

Under the new lockdown measures being considered, all pubs, restaurants and bars would be ordered to shut for two weeks initially, the report said.

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said any new national lockdown would threaten jobs, livelihoods and human contact.

The report added that households would also be banned indefinitely from meeting each other in any indoor location where they were not already under the order.

Britain had last week imposed new measures that required people to work from home where possible and had ordered restaurants and bars to close early to tackle a fast-spreading second wave of COVID-19, with new restrictions lasting probably six months.

Schools and shops be allowed to remain open, along with factories and offices at which staff could not work from home, the Times added, citing a senior government source.

Remember when people were attacking me and calling me an idiot doom-monger for saying that this would never end?

Do you remember that?

What is even the point of this website?

Why have I wasted my life on this?

You people won’t do anything other than call me crazy and then support the CIA’s revolution in China because you think it’s a really important emotional issue that people in Hong Kong be allowed to do double anal in the street in front of little kids. Then you’re shocked when you’re rewarded with six million refugees spitting in your hallway.

If I were you, I would resent me. Apparently, I didn’t say these things in a convincing enough fashion.

Do you remember when that guy came onto the Gamer Uprising forum and told me that he was really worried about me because I was going to look so stupid when everything went back to normal by the fall?

You probably don’t remember that. You probably don’t even know what the Gamer Uprising is.

But I remember it.

I could have used this information to make a lot of money. Instead, I’ve devoted my life to tell it to you. You then call me names, tell me I’m wrong, tell me you’re really worried and you think I’d better change my position because I’m going to look really silly when it turns out I’m wrong.

Then all the stuff I said was going to happen happens – just exactly as if I’d never said anything.

I hope that someone, somewhere is reading these things I write here and telling them to other people and gaining social status for having been right and predicted things that happened next. I hope that someone is benefiting from this site.

I’m sure as hell not.

It’s one thing to sacrifice your life to change something. It’s another thing to sacrifice your life and have nothing happen as a result that wasn’t already going to happen, and then have all your internet friends turn against you over something that happened that didn’t even involve you and wasn’t even a big deal.

I have worked every single day since July 4, 2013.

Every single day. Often 14 hour days.

What was the result?

Nah guys, I’m just joking.

It’s whatever.

I’ve had fun.

Anyway, I had a dream I got everything I wanted, and it wasn’t what you’d think. If I’m being honest, it might’ve been a nightmare.

It’s better that we all suffer. It’s what we all deserve.